Thursday, October 27, 2011

Triple Whammy of Awesome


A) I am a psychic.

B) I'm going to London.

C) I actually like school this year.

D) All of the above.

If you answered D) All of the above, you are correct! You don't actually win anything because of B and its subsequent costs, but maybe I'll give you a massage or do your dishes?

A- I am a psychic:
I know it sounds far-fetched, but it's totally true. I've correctly predicted the following: a brother's mission call, a friend's mission call, and both of my brothers' marriages long before the proposal (as in the first meeting for the one and three years before the other).

This instance isn't quite like the others. I had a dream last night where I married certain someone that I try not to think about ever. The circumstance was that he was being his usual stand-offish, never-wants-anything-to-do-with-me-ever self for days and days of dream time and then trick married me! What the heck? I gave him the what for, but was secretly glad to be united with him for time and all eternity.

Of course, I also dreamed that I was best friends with Zooey Deschanel and that Judy Garland was being held captive in a tree by hostile rednecks, so I pretty much discounted the dream as a whole.

BUT THEN I got a letter from him today in the mail. I haven't opened it yet because of the residual fear from the dream.

B- I'm going to London:
True story! I've wanted to go to London forever and now I'm finally doing it! Why am I going? Because I can, baby. Last winter semester I had the blues in a big way and started looking for inexpensive flights from SLC to London. I signed up for TripAdvisor and one day in August flights were only $900. I was all over that. I called my sister Amy up and she was also all over that because she's also wanted to go to Europe forever.

We leave next Thursday and will be gone for a whole week. Not being tied to a strict itinerary, we're going to run rampant! I may or may not post a report after returning.

C- I actually like school this year:
I know what you're thinking- what's up with that? It's a three part thing. My classes interest me and are smaller, my attitude is better, and I'm finding my niche. And, of course, I have LONDON to look forward to.


Brandon said...

A.) Yes you are.

B.) I am jealous.

C.) I only liked school when it was night classes. Is that weird?

Sharon said...

I picked "D". I win! You are funny. I am glad you are:
A. A psychic
B. Going to London
C. Happier with school
D. My daughter
E. All of the above

Mattie Bat Head said...

@Bran, yes that is weird. @Becca, your psychic abilities have already been questioned but only because no body else remembers you predicting these things... @Mom, you are a nice mom :)

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