Friday, October 28, 2011

A Tip for Textbook Publishers

We're reading A Streetcar Named Desire in my literary analysis class and I didn't actually purchase the book until now (as opposed to the beginning of the semester). Rather than take the "textbook" version at face value and just buy it, I decided to see if the normal play section in the bookstore had it for cheaper.

Not only was the version I found in the bookstore cheaper, the image on the cover was THIS:

That's right. A shirtless, adorable Marlon Brando. So for $7.99 I get the play AND a hot man? I'lltakeitI'lltakeitI'lltakeitI'lltakeit.

In contrast, my poor clueless classmates all got the version with this cover:

A weird minimalist painting that is clearly harping on the supposed anti-feminist themes. Pshaw. If you can resist the hot masculinity that is Stanley Kowalski, you are clearly a hater of all things wonderful. I don't generally drool over uber-masculine guys, but who could say no to this?

So I was thinking: I would be a lot happier paying the ridiculous fees that textbook companies charge us if I at least got some eye candy while doing so. Not straight out porn, but...


Awww, rats. Yeah, there's no way I can redeem that.