Friday, November 5, 2010

Take THAT, Social Norm!

At the beginning of the semester my friend Cami told me about a psychology class that was assigned to go into the Wilk and break social norms and observe peoples' reactions. One girl took a fry out of a guy's hand, ate it in front of him, then walked off. My reaction was somewhere along the lines of:

"MAN! I am SO in the wrong classes!" followed by me assuring Cami that if I had the opportunity, I wouldn't be uncomfortable in the slightest breaking social norms. In fact, I would relish it.

Today was the Day of Reckoning.

We were talking about social norms in my anthropology lab and twenty minutes before the end of class, our TA took us outside and said, "Have at it. Go break some rules."

There was a lot of hesitating. No one wanted to go by themselves or they couldn't think of anything.

I totally wanted to rip a guy's earphones out, but I chickened out because I would feel bad. The same with my idea of taking someone's phone, saying, "Halla!" into it, then handing it back without a word.

Instead, this girl in my class and I settled for knocking all the bikes in the rack over. We got several dirty looks from passerbys, but no one actually said anything. The whole time I kinda wanted to go back and fix it.

Darn social training.

So I'm not as bold as I previously supposed. Which is a bummer cos I always saw myself as a non-conformist type. Yeah. Not so much.

After class, I had an empty milk jug (chocolate milk for the class; deeeelish), so I decided then and there to hand it to some passerby without saying anything and then walk off.

So there I was, walking towards the SWKT with a milk jug in hand when a poor unsuspecting young man happened to walk past me. I held out the milk jug to him silently.

He kept his hands firmly glued in his pockets and said, "Uh, what's this?"

I shrugged. "I dunno. You just look like you needed an empty milk jug in your life."

This seemed to satisfy him and he took it. I walked off. He stood there looking bewildered for a while, then went on his way.

Worth it? Oh yesh.

However, I'm still not as hardcore as I would like to believe. That whole time I had people from my anthro class watching my back. This will have to change.

Or not, and I can continue talking big without anything whatsoever to prove my hardcoreness.


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