Monday, October 4, 2010

Irony Never Faileth

I went to the dentist last Thursday. I was really excited, too, because they usually tell me what a dismal flosser I am, and since my last visit I've flossed EVERY DAY to show them who's boss. Also, to cut down on my cavities. My dad makes me pay the co-pay for getting my cavities done and last time I had three. Yikes. I was determined not to let that happen again. (Not to mention I hate that terrible shot they stick clear down into your jawbone to numb you.)

The hygienist asked me how my flossing had been; I told her I never miss a day. I am a religious flosser. I brush morning and night. I've been cutting down my soda intake.

She could tell I wasn't lying because my teeth looked so good; she even said how I'd made her job easier by keeping my teeth in such good shape.

Then the dentist came in to look at my X-rays.

I held my breath and crossed every appendage in the hopes that, finally, I'd conquered the Great Satan (my cavities).



That's worse than when I wasn't flossing! I felt cheated! I felt indignant! I felt furious! It's enough to make me sell my teeth and live on liquefied food the rest of my life! (Not really; that's gross.)

But really? There is no way anyone can tell me that all teeth are created equal.

Mine are out to get me. Haters.


Brandon said...

So I never flossed, was fairly good at brushing twice a day for the first 19 years of my life. No cavities.

I go to Madagascar and am terrified of going to the dentist there, so I flossed every single day and brushed thrice daily.

Came home, and had six cavities.

I think doing what the dentist says actually increases the amount of required dental work.

It's a scam.

Becca said...

Total scam. Brooke never flosses and her teeth are perfect. Grr.

HappyDay_KT said...

"Irony" perfect word to describe how I've felt about that stuff too. While pregnant with Lily my intense morning sickness sent me to the ER every weekend. I would get sick and crawl back in bed, helpless. I thought the future of my teeth would be ruined. The thought kept me up at night. When I went to the dentist - wow! I've never had so many compliments! so what's up with that?
Although- I DO HIGHLY recommend the sonicare toothbrush. I've noticed a dramatic change in oral health with all of my family members including Ricky. It should be on everyone's Christmas wish list - for - sure!