Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't Do It!

Today I saw a girl decked out in running gear standing at the bottom of the stairs of a ridiculously steep hill. Her hands were on her hips and one could almost hear her thoughts,

"Should I run the stairs? No one would care if I did. It's unseasonably hot, and I'm half dehydrated anyway. I think I will..."

Her body automatically shifted into a ready-to-run position.

At this point I wanted to shout,

"No! Your life is still worth living! Don't run! I'll call the campus police and counselling center and we'll help you through this. Stay there! Just. Don't. Run."

It was much like watching someone poised at the top of the Chrysler Tower, ready to jump-- it could only end in tears and great bodily harm.


I'm not much of a runner.

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