Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lost Tooth

My littlest brother Micah lost his first tooth two weeks ago and it recalled some quite vivid images from my own childhood.

The very first tooth I lost was taken out in quite a violent episode. Okay, not that violent, but my parents had left the house one Sunday afternoon for whatever reason and we were wrestling. I think it might've been just me, Matt, and Brandon. Anyway, being considerably smaller than both of my older brothers, I had to use secret weapons. Like biting. And....yeah, mostly just biting.

So there we were, destroying the TV room for the zillionth time when I launched my prize-winning attack on Matt; I bit his shoulder. I can't remember what his reaction was, but all of a sudden I had the sensation of something small and hard rolling around in my mouth.

I spit it out and VOILA! My first baby tooth had left my mouth in a blaze of glory. Matt's Sunday shirt was stained a teensy tiny bit on the shoulder for a while.

When my parents came home I showed them my tooth and they asked how I lost it. I told them. I can't remember much past this point, but I'm sure their reaction encompassed rolled eyes and raised brows.

My other teeth came out without a fuss. I just pulled 'em. Except for one of my front teeth. It was close to Easter, and I was eating caramel at my grandparents' house. I bit into it and had a weird sensation again. I pulled the caramel back out and there was my big ol' front tooth sticking out of it. It unsettled me, so I threw it away. To this day, that kind of caramel still kind of grosses me out.

Anyway, I'm biding my time till school starts on Monday. I might do some more blogging between now and then. We'll just see.