Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am so very restless. And not like the Restless Leg Syndrome. I think I could handle that. They've got drugs for it, therapy and all that.

No, your modern Jo March has Wanderlust Syndrome.

I was born and raised in the same house, on the same street, in the same city, in the same state for EIGHTEEN YEARS. I'm ready to move out and be done and see different things.

Good thing I'm going to college, huh? Get out and experience some new stuff. Yeah. In Provo. Hoo hoo. Living large.

Hold on; let me make myself very clear. I do not regret my decision (for my decision it was indeed) to attend Brigham Young University. I know there's a reason for me to be there. And yes, I do get bitter and slightly resentful at times, but I know I'm supposed to be there.

It's just that we live on such a big earth with such rich history and such beautiful landscapes. And the cultures! Why on earth would someone want stay in one place for a long period of time?

Yes, I understand that money is an issue. Money is always an issue. Money will always be an issue. But I didn't wonder why people don't. I wonder why they don't even want to.

It's a good thing I've been biking to work(s) lately, or else I'd go mad with all this pent-up energy. Even now at 11:3o at night, I feel like pacing back and forth in the backyard. (That's not a bad idea, actually.)

I want to go. I want to experience. I want to explore. I want to meet people. I want to taste different food. I want to handle foreign money. I want to wake up everyday and face the day filled with spontaneity and adventure.

Reading can only get you so far. I've read at least four books since school got out and I'm sick to the teeth of reading. Dickens only made me hungrier for foreign climes, London in particular.

I know I'll probably be teased mercilessly for posting these thoughts, my siblings always do, but whatever. I needed an outlet and this sort-of-not-really helped.


Brandon said...

I'm with you, Becca. I think we got it from Grandpa Barrus.

And while my mission experiences definitely helped sate said wanderlust, I've been home for almost seven years now, and haven't been any farther from home than Houston since.

It only gets harder once you're married and have kids, btw. So if you can, save your money and travel now.

Brooke said...

You could come visit us! We would feed you and shelter you and drive you wherever you would want to go. 2 hours from NYC, 1.5 from Boston, 6 hours from DC, which is where Brent and Brenda will live in the fall, so we could even go visit them then. Now is the perfect time to at least visit the East! Or you could tell me why Boston is such a cool city to visit, or more historical awesome facts about other places I need to see.

I also felt what you feel though, and about a year ago I thought I was going to go crazy because I had lived in my same house for 4 years, and wanted to move on with my life. Now I am living out here, and my wandering desires are definitely being fulfilled. So. Come visit. The most expensive part would be the plane ticket. :)

Sharon said...

I agree. Now's your chance! Go for it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give into the Wanderlust. You only live on this planet one time. When you are old and you look back on your many years will you say "I lived my life." or will you say "I had a life."? The choice is yours

Achong said...

Absolutely agree.