Friday, May 14, 2010

Full House

After clicking on some random links, I ended up watching some "best of Full House" clips on YouTube a month or two ago, and it was a really weird experience. I was about four or five when the show ended (not including reruns), but seeing Danny, Jesse, and Joey was like watching an old home video.

Like, really. I distinctly remember thinking that Danny was my dad and Jesse and Joey were my uncles.

And the weirdest part is I don't remember the girls at all. I sort of remembered DJ and I sort of remembered Michelle and then after I started Season One Stephanie started seeming more familiar, but if someone had asked me in January to tell them about the characters on Full House, I couldn't've said more than that I felt a strange connection to Jesse, Joey, and Danny.

Has anyone else had this experience with a TV show?


Brandon said...

Any weird memories of Aladdin? Like maybe the Sultan being your dad and Abu being your brother?

May said...

It's like that for me with M*A*S*H, the characters and setting are like coming home to me. Hawkeye feels like my best friend with Honneycut as a mutual friend. Hot Lips is a nagging aunt & Father Mokaie is my bishop/father.