Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Book Signing

Two posts in one day? Super gasp, right? Well, whatever. I'm in the mood to write.

Last night I went to a book signing for the new Fablehaven book with my younger brother Jonathan. My parents would've taken him, only they were at a caucus (darn voters), so I left the house at about 6 and headed to Cottonwood High School.

I've never read Fablehaven. I've been up to my very attractive nostrils with all sorts of reading; The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Walden, Dancing Wu Li Masters, and The Tao of Physics. Not to mention the fact that it wasn't exactly at the top of my "To Read" list. So I was more than a little bewildered at all the inside jokes the Fablehaveners made during the night. The faeries were selling milk; the author was hidden by Shannon Hale (whose books I have read and enjoyed thoroughly) in knapsack; and there were all sorts of sphinxes and stuff all over the stage.

My expression most of the night was like: Whaaaa?

But Jonathan was really excited. He's been reading the series for a while now and all he could talk about was meeting Brandon Mull (the author) live and in person. I was glad I could help him with his wish; my all-time favorite authors are dead.

So after Mull got released from the knapsack (uhhhh...I still don't know what that was all about), he emerged in a flash of pyrotechnics and fake fog with heroic music playing in the background.

All I could imagine was Louisa May Alcott or Jane Austen getting the same reception. And I laughed.

Anyway, I was just about to start thinking that this guy was a total Stephanie Meyer-style poser when he started talking about one of his fans with cystic fibrosis. Not only did he tell him what would happen in the last book a few months ago, he gave him an advanced copy. The kid was doing so well that he flew out from Texas to the launch and Mull called him up to the stage to make him an honorary Knight of the Dawn.

Yeah, I pretty much started crying. (I also cried the whole time while watching Up.) It was a beautiful moment.

And then the program ended and people could get their books signed. They gave people letters from A to Z with about 100 people to a letter. The signing started at 8; by 9 they were only at H.

Jonathan and I had U.

I wanted to die.

Jonathan was happy because he had the new book to read; I finished The Island of Dr. Moreau at about 8:30 and my phone died so I couldn't text anyone.

Luckily, a few kids who go to Paradigm were there and they let us get in their O group. Jonathan was excited to have people to talk about the book with, and I was happy because I wouldn't be bored out of my skull til midnight.

It was about 10:25 by the time we got to see Brandon Mull and, unfortunately, there wasn't enough time allotted to get his signature personalized. But he still smiled at Jonathan, gave him a high five (Jonathan has since refused to wash his right hand), and was an all around good-natured guy.

So while meeting Victor Hugo or H.G. Wells is kind of out of the question for me, my little brother got to meet his favorite author live and in person.

Worth four hours of my life?

Yeah. Yeah it was.


Brooke said...

Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to go to a book signing now, maybe on a date it sounded like so much fun. I totally cried watching the Incredibles yesterday. I know, I can't blame it on pregnancy hormones the other day too. I pretty much would have been with you crying if I was there- I started tearing up while reading this. man. I have got to get ahold of myself.

Becky said...

You are a great sister.