Monday, August 17, 2009

A story

If you saw two people (let's say girls, just for the sake of the story) walking around the mall laughing and chatting, you'd probably come to the conclusion that they were best friends.

Let's say that both girls have been shopping and both have some stuff to carry (purses, bags, drinks, etc). Girl #2 offers to help girl #1, even though they're both pretty similarly weighed down. Girl #1 accepts the help and hands girl #2 one bag. As time elapses, that one bag evolves into the majority of girl #1's stuff, except for a few little things. Girl #2 is fine with it; she's a buff chick; but after a while it gets pretty heavy.

Girl #2 tentatively asks if girl #1 can take a few things back. Girl #1 gives her a withering look, but takes two bags. In a little bit, girl #1 whines that they're too heavy, and girl #2 (feeling guilty) immediately loads them on.

Pretty soon, girl #2 can't keep up. Girl #1 is irritated and runs ahead to meet some other friends, leaving girl #2 with all the baggage. Girl #1 eventually comes sprinting back and girl #2 is ecstatic; she's hurt, naturally, when she finds out that all girl #1 wants is her iPod out of her jacket pocket (which girl #2 is carrying) and that when she finds it, she leaves again.

So it's no surprise when girl #2 puts her foot down, right? She's tired, blast it all, and girl #1 is perfectly capable of carrying her own crap. But girl #1 throws a fit. She accuses girl #2 of being needy and not caring about their friendship. Girl #2 throws out the fact that girl #1 hasn't done a bloody thing, while girl #2 has been doing all the work. Girl #1 snaps that she carried two of her bags that one time, remember? Girl #2 wearily concurs, and the quarrel is over.

Girl #1 turns around to go back to her other friends, notices that they've left, and then in a falsely sweet manner turns around and offers to buy girl #2 lunch and then shop some more. Girl #2 is disgusted, for she hasn't missed a detail of what just happened.

She resists the urge to drop girl #1's crap in the fountain and instead hands it back to girl #1wordlessly, then finishes her shopping alone.

Note from the author: This is not a true story in the literal sense.