Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's that time again!

Hoo hoo! Feast and Ball is on Saturday and I am STOKED!

For those of you who don't know, Feast and Ball is my school's Prom. Only BETTER because you don't have to have a date to go! Isn't that so boss?

You just get to go with a group of friends and hang out in the gardens (Thanksgiving Point; pictured here and here and here) for a few hours and flirt your brains out. It's lovely.

What am I wearing? Since Jaimi and Kayla don't read my blog, I'm going to write it here. (I've been keeping them in suspense for two weeks now.)

Picture this: Shimmery red dress with black hints. Floor length. Hoop skirt. Corset. Puffed sleeves. Black elbow-length gloves. (it's a dress slightly like the one Jo is wearing in the pic above)

I'm. So. Incredibly. Excited.

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A deal stealing mom said...

Becca that sounds awesome! I totally want to see you in that dress, do you think we could "happen" to show up at Thanksgiving point that same day and just "happen" to bump into you? Just kidding we would never do anything like that- or at least very often. :) I totally want to see your dress though, are you sewing it yourself?