Monday, March 30, 2009


As much as I love Perelandra, I really don't want to write a response to it right now. I mean, it's very fascinating to think what would have happened if Adam and Even HADN'T eaten the fruit...but I'm not into it right now.

SO don't want to do my Calculus make-up work...(by the way, the AP test costs $121! That's some mighty expensive failure right there. I know, I know; "Becca, why don't you just study?" Because studying won't help me with stuff I haven't learned yet!)

Or read Paradise Lost. Have I mentioned how much I hate poetry? Especially 200 page long poetry? I fell asleep twice (for undisclosed periods of time) during Great Ideas this morning. And when we read it out loud? Sorry, Satan, as much as I sympathize with your being kicked out on your butt from heaven, I don't care enough to listen to Milton go on and on and ON about the thirteen different kinds of angels.

*yawns* Should I make my dress for Feast and Ball this year? Or should I rent one? Or should I just buy one? *wanders Internetilly across multitudinous websites* Ooh, I think we're gonna do a Southern belle one this year... Ow ow!

Okay, I'm done now.

Oooh, and maybe a wig tambien? No! Becca! Go to bed! Dresses later! Finish your response!

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