Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Psalm

Lord, too often I invite Thee only to
the funerals
the pity parties
the gloomy hours.

Today I invite Thee to
Rejoice with me!
Come celebrate
my blessings
my successes
my gratitude.

For all I have is Thine
And I will gladly share my
Joy with Thee
Forever and Forever. Amen.

I wrote that the other day when I was feeling particularly happy. It applies to today as well. Today the sun was shining, we ate lunch on the lawn, I got to go longboarding in the parking lot (long story...), and I love my friends.

I am grateful.


Brandon said...

Very good.

Becca, you're who I wish I was when I was 17.

I'm proud of you.

Amy said...

LOVE it - you're pretty much amazing, but you already knew that. ;) Too bad those scripture things are pretty much written, eh? ;)

anjuli said...

Love your post. And what Brandon said. :)