Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Even I'M not sure what this is

I have nothing to write.

Scratch that; I have lots of things I could potentially write, but won't because they're boring and/or inapplicable to normal life.

I should probably go practice my Solo and Ensemble song, seeing as I have to perform it in roughly a week...memorized...in Spanish. I need to find an accompanist as well.

I also just want a college to be like, "Come here! We'll give you 90% off tuition coz you're awesome!" I'm tired of having to sort through the hundreds of college brochures I get weekly. Want to hear something funny, though? I haven't received a single letter from a Mormon university. I've had letters from St. John's Methodist University, Barnard and the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York University, New York Conservatory of the Dramatic Arts, Boston University, Arizona State, University of Miami, Reed College, and Kalamazu University.

And anything from BYU, BYU-I, BYU-H, or Southern Virginia University (Mormon-run)? Absolutely not. My tithing dollars at work...

Where the heck is my family? I came home from work to an empty, locked house with evidence of dinner being made, but no food evident in the fridge, on top of the mircrowave, or on the table.

Maybe that's why I'm feeling so "bleh." I haven't eaten since noon! Silly Becca. Go eat something!

Cuss on a bus. And I just overdrafted my checking account coz Zazzle is being stupid. I've ordered the same order THREE TIMES and each time they've been like "You don't own the Three Amigos, which you put on a sticker and the inside of a card. Yoink! We're going to cancel your ENTIRE ORDER." And so I've reordered and reordered and my checking account is like, "What the heck? Oh well, we're going to have to charge you for overdrafting, sucker."

Gah. I'm going to go eat something. Sitting here and blogging about my stupid last half-hour isn't going to help my attitude.

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Amy said...

Ah, Solo and Ensemble. Joy of every choir member's life. Are you singing "Amor de Mi Alma"? Classic.

Sorry no LDS schools have sent you stuff - maybe...something got lost or they just wait a little longer than most colleges. Those Eastern schools are always ridiculously early. ;) I'm trying to remember if I got a packet from any LDS college - and I don't think I did. Lots from the Army, though.