Saturday, February 14, 2009

Once upon a time...

Today is Valentine's Day. If I were in the mood for a sarcastic, scathing rant, I'd totally hook you all up with the best anti-S.A.D. post you've ever read in your life. As it is, I'm not. Holidays, like everything else, are what you make of them. And this year I choose not to make Valentine's Day a big deal. No expectations of any kind. I don't expect today to suck, and I don't expect it to rock.

Ironically, it was Valentine's Day that gave me my first big pubescent self-esteem boost. A couple years ago I was being surly because my older brother Matt (the heartthrob) got so many gifts from girls and even my little brother Seth got a chocolate rose from someone, and I got stuck with, as usual, nada. Nothing. Not even pocket lint from a person I hate.

So my friend Hilary and I were getting ready to go to a dance a couple days later when my little brother Jonathan (then 7 or 8) burst in the front door.

"Becca!" he hollered (coz he won't ever merely talk if he has the option of yelling) "your boyfriend left you something!"

He was holding a heart-shaped balloon, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a silk rose. I rolled my eyes. Yeah, right. Things like that never happened to me. It was probably for Matt, and Jonathan had read the tag wrong.

"Whatever," I said. "Let me see those."

I read the tag on the rose and, sure enough, it was for me.

"Becca- I think you're a pretty cool girl. Later."

I still didn't believe it. It was someone's cruel, sick idea of a joke, or my dad trying to boost my self-esteem or something. Amy and Caryn convinced me otherwise, as did one of my guy friends. Amy and Caryn said it was a real, genuine boy because he'd left the price tag on the chocolates and the note sounded very boyish. My guy friend analyzed the mystery man's motives. He was quick to say he didn't think it was a joke, but rather that the unknown admirer was shy and not sure if I'd turn him down or not.

I never actually found out who left those things for me (not concretely, anyway). But hey, it's probably better this way; I got all the boosting of someone liking me without the awkwardness of perhaps not returning the affections. Whoa, hold on. Did I say "probably"? More like DEFINITELY. There is nothing worse than a persistent lover who you want nothing to do with romantically.

Keep it real, peeps, and don't neglect your other loves today; romantic love is all good and fine in its place, but abandoning those you love platonically for your significant other is a less than brilliant idea. Coz guess who you're going to turn to when you two lovebirds are having a rough time? That's right; the friend/sibling/parent. So keep those bonds intact, or you'll wish you had.

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