Sunday, February 15, 2009

A good quote

I'm reading Madeleine L'engle's Walking on Water for my C. S. Lewis class (we're studying both Christian apologists), and today I came across a really, really fantastic story. (pg 75, Walking on Water)

The story starts with a Hasidic rabbi renowned for his piety. He was unexpectedly confronted one day by one of his devoted youthful disciples. In a burst of feeling, the young disciple exclaimed, "My master, I love you!" The ancient teacher looked up from his books and asked his fervent disciple, "Do you know what hurts me, my son?"

The young man was puzzled. Composing himself, he stuttered, "I don't understand your question, Rabbi. I am trying to tell you how much you mean to me, and you confuse me with irrelevant questions."

"My question is neither confusing nor irrelevant," rejoined the rabbi. "For if you do not know what hurts me, how can you truly love me?"

Isn't that so poignant? I absolutely love it because it applies to so many levels in life; religion, friends, family, significant others, etc.

It goes right along with my other favorite quote of the week; "Behind most anger is hurt."

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Amy said...

This coincides with a theory I've always had - love or knowing someone well means knowing what their buttons are and choosing not to push them, especially just for your own entertainment.