Tuesday, January 27, 2009

C is for Calculus

Oh, hello, reader(s). I sometimes forget that I have a blog; other times I'm merely too lazy to write in it.

In case you were interested, I am, as of this very second, looking up a recipe for French silk pie that doesn't require actual chocolate (here!), listening to Idina's new single, looking for scholarships/colleges I might apply to, hoping someone will say something even remotely intriguing on Facebook so I can pounce on them and pry deeply into their business, and wondering if it's weird how much I enjoy reading the American Girl books.

Look, I know they're geared towards like 2nd graders, but I sat down last night and got sucked into Samantha's tales from 1904 for at least half an hour. The writing is simple, but the tone is good. I can't wait until I have little girls of my own so I can read the books to them.

Me: Come on, girls, it's time for stories!

Daughter #1: What are we reading?

Me: Uh... it's a surprise.

Daughter #2: Ugh. Not American Girls again?

Me: ...

Daughter #1: Mum! You never read us anything else! Can't we read "Big Max" or "Calvin and Hobbes"?

Me: No. You'll listen to Addy's tale of post-slavery woes and triumphs, and you'll like it! *eye twitches*

My husband: Dear, why don't I read to the girls tonight?

Me: What?! Oh, I bet you're secretly reading them stories about Michael Jordan on the down-low. Well, I won't have it! Do you hear me?! I won't have it!!!

My husband: *to the girls* Mummy needs a little Zoloft break. We'll be back in a minute.

Hee hee. I love imagining my future.

*reads title of post*

Oh, yeah. So, I'm getting a 2 in Calculus, which is the equivalent of a C in a normal school. And you know what? I am completely 100 % okay with it. This morning I got back our most recent test and discovered, to my chagrin, that I'd gotten 20 out of 100 points possible. Bleeeeeeeech. I've never seen such an ugly score on paper before (well, mine).

Normally this would send me to the very fringe of my sanity. As it is, I say-- Meh. It's not worth fretting over. I'm doing very well in all of my other classes, and if a college looks at my GPA and notices it took a slight dip because of Calculus and judges me for it, I would recommend that they take a Calculus class and then get back to me. Plus, I'm going into the arts. Math should matter some, but not direly.


Amy said...

"Me: No. You'll listen to Addy's tale of post-slavery woes and triumphs, and you'll like it! *eye twitches*" - this almost is on par with the imagining of Eric and Brooke in the Celestial Kingdom. Good good times.

Way to not stress out about Calculus. Those people in admissions don't have to take it anyway...;) I know I sure didn't take it! Woot for Stats - except the AP test.

Brooke said...

I can't believe you're not blaming your teaching for your low calculus grade. I probably would. No actually all my friends helped me in calculus, and so it probably wouldn't have mattered what teacher was up there- because my valedictorian hinckley scholar friends could have figured it out with their eyes closed. How did I get to be their friends again? Anyway, that is kind of concerning that you're worried about a C though, Becca- where are you? I did enjoy your future musings of your future daughters- although not to alarm you- but do you think you'll even have daughters? I mean look you have six brothers, and you only have two nephews- no nieces. Just preparing you for the future, so you can be disowned by someone else for not having a girl. :)