Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh my yes.

So there's this thing called "Carols for a Cure" which is Broadway casts singing Christmas songs, putting them on a CD, and then giving the proceeds to AIDS research. Sometimes they're classics (like the Hairspray cast singing "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas") but sometimes they're NEW AND AWESOME CHRISTMAS SONGS THAT EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER SHOULD LISTEN TO! Such as "Angelo Rosenbaum" by the Lion King cast, which is about a Catholic Jew.

And BUM BA DA DUM! Twelve Days of Phantom!

Not only is it Phantom of the Opera (which is one of my favorite musicals), it's super hilarious. Who couldn't use a little late 19th century Parisian spice for their Christmas?

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Amy said...

Awesome. I heart it. :) Were you able to buy it anywhere?