Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to every one of dang ya'll!

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, like you're really gonna read anything past that. But in case you are, I didn't get a phone. Phooey. And no, Brandon and Mandi, the cutesy little "smart phone" you got me does not count. I recall someone did that to Matt last year and I thought it was SOOOOO funny. It wasn't so funny when I first opened it (because by the time I opened it, it had become abundantly clear that I wouldn't be getting a real phone), but now it's amusing.

Mostly it's funny now because it makes noise when I press the buttons, so I've been following my parents around all day, pressing the buttons constantly, and making them wish I had a silent phone.

I really ought to take a lead from Micah, though. He really wanted a Nintendo DS. Although he didn't get it, he was still enthusiastic about all his other presents. When he opened his first present (a stuffed puppy), he said,

"Oh. It's not a DS, but I still really like it. Feel how soft it is!"

And don't get me wrong; I promise I'm not one of those spoiled brats who throws a fit and cries when they don't get what they want. I sulked for a little bit and let my nasty Hyde side out for a few well-chosen sarcastic comments, but I'm pretty much over it by now.

Plus, I'm going out to the T-Mobile store first thing tomorrow morning to buy a phone for myself. So :P, Santa. I'll get a Razr for $20 and get on Brooke and Eric's plan for like $10 a month.


Brandon said...

I just want to say that the phone was Mandi's idea. Sorry it bummed you out at first.

Excellent Micah story. Sounds like Jonathan.

Brooke said...

Merry Christmas. Sorry about the phone thing, I did try to warn you a little bit. I'm glad you're good at moving past your Hyde self though, sometimes i don't even notice my Hyde self coming through! So you're definitely a step ahead of me. Love you!