Monday, December 29, 2008

The Worth of a Soul

And this is infinitely more wonderful than anything I posted in the last one (possibly ever). Look at this! It's Liz Lemon Swindle's "The Worth of a Soul." Love love LOVE it!

Topsy-Turvy Jo

I was feeling extremely nasty and gross yesterday, which ended with me sleeping for nearly 20 hours. It was simultaneously awful and blissful. My friend Lauren called during the time I was conscious (about a four hour period from ten to one) and asked if I wanted to come sledding today.

Sledding, I thought. Huh. Sledding...sledddddd.....sledding...

"Okay," I told her, with not a thought as to what the word "sledding" really incorporated. Snow. Wet snow. Speeding down a hill at breakneck speeds. Cold. Wet.

The first thing I said to my mum when I got up this morning was, "Hey, I'm going sledding with Lauren."

She kind of gave me a weird look, seeing as she came into my room last night when I was barely coherent and knew just how sick I was. But she's learned not to argue with me about things like that. And in my defense, I was feeling better.

So in typical topsy-turvy Jo form, I journeyed out into the cold wearing thermals, jeans, a coat, and a matching hat/glove/scarf set. (Sometimes I'm astounded at my own stupidity.)

It was really fun; I went off this killer jump twice and got some major air, but soundly knocked my head the second time around; flew screaming down the hill with Lauren; had a dangerous snowball fight; tackled a kid who weighs half as much as me and still lost; and got soundly wet.

Now my cough is twice as bad as it was last night, I have (had; Ibuprofen is better than a boyfriend) a headache the size of Toronto, and I feel all-around gross.

And do you want to know what the funniest/sickest part is? I'd do it again. Yeah, my friends are that cool.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Modern Jo + Boredom + Saturday Night = The iPod Shuffle Game

So, on account of me being bored out of my everloving mind, and my friends having dropped off the face of the earth, I decided to play the iPod shuffle game. I got the questions from Cindy's blog and the songs come from my own little Sansa music player. Ready, go.

1. If someone says "Is that okay?" you say:
Patti-Class (Forbidden Broadway)

2. How would you describe yourself?
Joy in the Journey (Day of Celebration) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

3. What do you look for in a guy?
Gliding (Ragtime)

4. How do you feel today?
We Dance (Once on this Island) Not really; not dance-y. Just jittery.

5. What is your life's purpose?
What is this Feeling? (Wicked) To hate people, apparently.

6. What is your motto?
Prolouge: Ragtime (Ragtime)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Cinderella at the Grave (Into the Woods)

8. What do your parents think of you?
The House Upon the Hill (The Secret Garden) I must be surly like Mary Lennox.

9. What do you think about often?
An Operatic Tragedy (Little Women) This one actually works! I constantly have stories and narrations in my head.

10. What do you think of your best friend?
Little Voice (Hilary Duff)

11. What do you think of the person you like?
So Yesterday (Hilary Duff) Hey! This one works, too! I don't like anyone right now, and the person I used to like is definitely so yesterday.

12. What is your life's story?
Joseph's Dream (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

13. What do you want to do when you grow up?
For Good (Wicked)

14. What do you think when you see the person you like?
Nothing Like the City (Ragtime)

15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Mamma Mia) Yes ma'am; ABBA is the pants.

16. What is your hobby/interest?
The Voice Across the Moors (Jane Eyre) Being either a jerkwad minister or a slightly clairvoyant leading lady. Sounds healthy fo sho.

17. What is your biggest fear?
One Small Girl (Once on this Island) Midgets?

18. What is your biggest secret?
Take a Chance on Me (Little Women) I have a secret crush on Teddy!

19. What do you think of your friends?
The Cheat is Not Dead (Strong Bad Sings) This is the best song ever. Listen:

20. What song will they play at your funeral?
Do-Re-Mi (The Sound of Music) I sure hope not.

That was less amusing than I hoped. Maybe if I didn't have so many musicals on my Sansa... I can't even tell you how many finales and prologues and entr'actes I've got floating around on that thing.

I think I'm gonna go make emo/gothic/random Miis on the family Wii. Have fun with life, readers.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to every one of dang ya'll!

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, like you're really gonna read anything past that. But in case you are, I didn't get a phone. Phooey. And no, Brandon and Mandi, the cutesy little "smart phone" you got me does not count. I recall someone did that to Matt last year and I thought it was SOOOOO funny. It wasn't so funny when I first opened it (because by the time I opened it, it had become abundantly clear that I wouldn't be getting a real phone), but now it's amusing.

Mostly it's funny now because it makes noise when I press the buttons, so I've been following my parents around all day, pressing the buttons constantly, and making them wish I had a silent phone.

I really ought to take a lead from Micah, though. He really wanted a Nintendo DS. Although he didn't get it, he was still enthusiastic about all his other presents. When he opened his first present (a stuffed puppy), he said,

"Oh. It's not a DS, but I still really like it. Feel how soft it is!"

And don't get me wrong; I promise I'm not one of those spoiled brats who throws a fit and cries when they don't get what they want. I sulked for a little bit and let my nasty Hyde side out for a few well-chosen sarcastic comments, but I'm pretty much over it by now.

Plus, I'm going out to the T-Mobile store first thing tomorrow morning to buy a phone for myself. So :P, Santa. I'll get a Razr for $20 and get on Brooke and Eric's plan for like $10 a month.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like sick-mas...

Ick. Not only is Christmas in four days and I'm not even close to done with my Christmas shopping, I currently feel like crawling in my bed and sleeping until I'm 100% better. I'm super cold, my chest is pressurized, my head is all achy, and I, in general, feel gross. I took Ibuprofen and Sudafed, but it's only worked a little bit. No bueno.

So I haven't felt like writing anything creatively for a while, but I wrote this snapshot-thing for my dad and my seminary teacher for Christmas, and I kind of like it. (Yeah, it's safe here; my dad never reads my blog and I already gave it to my seminary teacher.) Everyone always focuses on Mary and the Wise Men and the shepherds in the Nativity, but how did Joseph feel?

A Father’s Love
Becca Barrus

I had been anxious for the arrival of this Child, not only for Mary’s sake, but also because He was not mine. The Eternal Father had entrusted this lowly carpenter with the task of raising His Only Begotten in the flesh. What mortal wouldn’t be nervous about such responsibility? I also worried that, because He was not mine, I would not be able to love Him as my own, and that He would not love me as His father. A fervent prayer had burned in my heart since the angel's visit that I would be able to give him the love of a father.

The Savior was born in humble circumstances, much humbler than I had expected. A stable was not the sort of place I would have chosen for my wife to bear any child, let alone my Lord and King. But there was no room to be had anywhere in the city.

Mary looks up at me with her beautiful, exhausted brown eyes. She wants to know if I would like to hold Yeshua now that He is cleansed of the blood. I hesitate and she grasps my hand.


Her sweet voice mingles with an inner voice I have felt often since the night of the angel’s visit. The compassion, the gentleness, the warmth cause my heart to swell. I tentatively ease the Child from her arms.

He warms my hands and chest as I hold Him close. Every line of His innocent, bruised face fills me with overwhelming joy and gratitude. His hair is dark and thick, like His mother’s. I see His clear blue eyes for a moment before He closes them, undoubtedly a gift from His Father.

As this Child, this Savior of all mankind, snuggles closer to my chest, all my doubts ebb away. The love I feel for Him is more wondrous than any other feeling I have experienced. The love and purity I feel radiating from His tiny body causes tears to slip down my cheeks.

Mary lays a hand on my arm, and her serene joy penetrates my soul. I kiss her forehead softly, then I kiss Yeshua’s brow. A faint smile lights His features. Mary looks into my eyes, glowing with maternal pride. She wants to hold Him again. I hand the Child to His beautiful mother.

He is not my son, but I have tasted how His true Father must feel.

(If you are going to re-post this, send it, whatever, please give credit where credit is due.)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh my yes.

So there's this thing called "Carols for a Cure" which is Broadway casts singing Christmas songs, putting them on a CD, and then giving the proceeds to AIDS research. Sometimes they're classics (like the Hairspray cast singing "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas") but sometimes they're NEW AND AWESOME CHRISTMAS SONGS THAT EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER SHOULD LISTEN TO! Such as "Angelo Rosenbaum" by the Lion King cast, which is about a Catholic Jew.

And BUM BA DA DUM! Twelve Days of Phantom!

Not only is it Phantom of the Opera (which is one of my favorite musicals), it's super hilarious. Who couldn't use a little late 19th century Parisian spice for their Christmas?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas musings

So I was thinking today (shocking, I know), and I was pondering on the true meaning of Christmas. You know how everyone's always saying that Christmas is about giving, giving, giving? Well, I was thinking of Christ and the Nativity and came to the conclusion that Christmas is also about receiving.

"What?" you're thinking. "This goes against everything I've ever been taught! Including the multiplication tables!"

Some people really have that whole giving thing down. They give so much that whenever you ask what they want for Christmas, they reply, "Oh, nothing" and you're stuck at the store, trying to imagine what they would like best. And then on Christmas morning they say, "Oh, Becca, you didn't have to get me anything. Here's this amazing present that you've wanted for fifteen years."

Since Christ gave His life for us and since He spent His whole life serving, the main lesson most people get from the Nativity is to serve our fellow man.

But think. His sacrifice is totally wasted if we don't choose to humbly receive it. He wants so badly for us to use the Atonement.

So that's why I think that learning how to receive graciously is just as important as learning to give. The end.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Memories

I've actually been planning to blog this for a few days now, but every dang time I sit down to blog, someone or other always comes along and kicks me off the computer. Like now. My dad just came in and told me to come "interact" with the family. Uh.... okay... I'm off for a little interaction break...

*insert chintzy Christmas muzak here*

Yes, well, this is going to have to be fast coz they're gonna kick me off again in 10 minutes.

It's that magical time of the year, in case, like myself, you haven't noticed. I was driving to school one morning and a DJ said something about there only being so many shopping days til Christmas and I shouted,

"Como se WHAT?! It's December? Since when?!"

And another reminder from my little brother happened while we were at the dinner table. My oldest little brother was saying something about someone stalking him and Micah exclaimed,

"What's stalking? Where's MY stocking?!"

Hee hee. These flavors of the season got me thinking about other memorable Christmas moments. There was the year where a neighbor made us a Nativity scene out of white chocolate. When it came time to eat it around New Year's, we ate the sheep and camels and Wise Men and shepherds with relish. However, when it dwindled down to Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus, no one was comfortable enough with their standing in heaven to eat them. I think I finally braved Mary, but we threw Jesus away because we'd rather not eat the Savior of all mankind.

Further moments in future installments; now I should probably go write my Great Ideas paper or read some Agatha Christie.