Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More musings.

Time to get back on the old bloggo horse. Nothing super deep this time around, either. Mostly just random musings/updates.

In my creative writing class (which is fantastic, btw), our next assignment is to write a fanfic. Hoo hoo! Taking other peoples' universes and playing in them is one of my very favorite things to do! But I can't decide what to write... I think I'm going to do a Little Women fanfic, in which Amy drowns and Jo marries Laurie, Jo goes to Europe instead of Amy and Jo marries Laurie, Amy gets killed in Europe in a Paris riot and Jo marries Laurie, or Amy's face scarred in a horrific accident involving acid, she moves to France, and takes up residence underneath the Paris Opera House, where she threatens the owners and trains singers.

I'm not an Amy March fan; is it obvious?

*cough* Anyway, what other fanfics could I do?

My other musings include:

1) Have you ever noticed how high energy and low braincells are a lethal combination? It's like little dogs that are hyped up, but aren't bright enough to run around in open areas and end up running into walls. My brain was on a herbal tea break all day today and I was exhausted, and then at lunch something muy exciting happened. My energy level went through the roof, but left my poor little braincells behind. Not a very good combination.

2) Why is it "stalking" when a not very good-looking guy follows a girl around, watches her in while she's in her bedroom, and stares at her all the time, but deemed "romantic" and "totally appropriate" when a hot guy like Edward Cullen does it? In fact, Edward Cullen is a VAMPIRE and is more dangerous than any ugly guy! Is this what we are teaching our youth?! (I am only being semi-sarcastic)

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Brooke said...

Becca you make me laugh. What happened that was "muy exciting" at lunch today? And of course it's not stalking if the person following you around is hot, HELLO, because if he's hot you should be in love with him right? that's the qualifying factor for any love?.