Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heck Week!

In the wonderful world of theatre, there is a period before the show opens called "Heck Week." In this week, the cast and crew scrambles to get the sets, costumes, numbers, and lighting in order. Mr. Garrison (the WJHS theatre teacher) likens it to puberty; it's this totally awkward but necessary phase for a show that hopefully transforms it into a beautiful specimen of glory.

But kinda sucks while you're in it.

Most people hate Heck Week, but I'm a total fan. I love staying at the theatre for all hours of the night; I love the goofy backstage jokes (and man am I backstage a lot...); I love doing scene changes over and over and over until you get it right, dang it; I love the general air of stress and the relief when we're finally let out at like 11.

So I might not blog for a long time. And if I do, it might be about the inconspicableness of getting stampled by Cotis. (no, it's not supposed to make sense unless it does)


Theatrefolk said...

This is always my favourite week of a production. For the first time, everyone comes together and makes that final push to (hopefully) perfection.

Amy said...

Yes, yes you are abnormal in liking it all...;)