Friday, November 28, 2008

Blonde McBlonderson

I consider myself to be a pretty bright individual, but some days I'm as blonde as blonde can be.

For example, I was playing Scattergories with my family over the Thanksgiving break and the letter was "R." I tore through the list with amazing speed, only to be stumped by "girls' names."

Rachel? I thought. No, Amy wants to name her first daughter Rachel; she'll totally have it. Rachelle? No, too close to Rachel. Rrrrrr.... Rrrrrr.... Ra....Ra....Ro...Ro...Re...Re...Reb...Rebe...Rebec....

"Duh!" I said out loud, scribbling my real name on the paper.


That's embarrassing. It took me almost two full minutes to think of my own name.

Welcome to Blondeness.

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