Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heck Week!

In the wonderful world of theatre, there is a period before the show opens called "Heck Week." In this week, the cast and crew scrambles to get the sets, costumes, numbers, and lighting in order. Mr. Garrison (the WJHS theatre teacher) likens it to puberty; it's this totally awkward but necessary phase for a show that hopefully transforms it into a beautiful specimen of glory.

But kinda sucks while you're in it.

Most people hate Heck Week, but I'm a total fan. I love staying at the theatre for all hours of the night; I love the goofy backstage jokes (and man am I backstage a lot...); I love doing scene changes over and over and over until you get it right, dang it; I love the general air of stress and the relief when we're finally let out at like 11.

So I might not blog for a long time. And if I do, it might be about the inconspicableness of getting stampled by Cotis. (no, it's not supposed to make sense unless it does)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Blonde McBlonderson

I consider myself to be a pretty bright individual, but some days I'm as blonde as blonde can be.

For example, I was playing Scattergories with my family over the Thanksgiving break and the letter was "R." I tore through the list with amazing speed, only to be stumped by "girls' names."

Rachel? I thought. No, Amy wants to name her first daughter Rachel; she'll totally have it. Rachelle? No, too close to Rachel. Rrrrrr.... Rrrrrr.... Ra....Ra....Ro...Ro...Re...Re...Reb...Rebe...Rebec....

"Duh!" I said out loud, scribbling my real name on the paper.


That's embarrassing. It took me almost two full minutes to think of my own name.

Welcome to Blondeness.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Para Mi Amiga Blanca

I really should start blogging more often, especially since my awesome white friend Korinne loves reading the nonsense I crank out. (No slight on your taste, deary.)I always have a hard time thinking of what to write...

Today's sale's pitch is called "Why Becca Would Like a Cell Phone for Christmas": (Korinne is also a big advocate of this movement)

1)Mom and Dad, I know that you say I can use your cell phone at any time, but lately I've been using it more than you've used it in the past three years. :)

2) Korinne wants to have almost unlimited access to me when we need to vent about stupid people.

3) Brandon and Mandi can add me to their family line for only $10 a month; money is not a problemo for me, especially since I can fill up the Green Vomit for less than 20 bucks every two and a half week. Hoo hoo!

4) My stupid car got another flat tire today (second time in a month! ARGH!) and I had to use a freshman's phone to let my parents know my stupid tire wouldn't come off. Also, I had to use someone else's phone to call them after rehearsal today and when they called back, I'd already left.

5)My parents would be able to take it if they thought I was abusing it, and I would put up no resistance at all.

6) Why not?

Thoughts, comments, rebuttals?

In other news, I broke down and saw Twilight on Saturday (yes, Korinne had me read the books, and yes, it was Korinne who invited me to see it). I liked it! I went in with way way way way way WAY low expectations and came out happy. I liked Bella a lot more in the movie more than in the book, thank heavens. I'm even going to see it again this weekend with Jaimi. My only complaint was that when Edward went into the sunlight and was supposed to sparkle like diamonds, he merely glistened like glitter. Hee hee...

However, my approval of the movie does not prohibit me from posting this awesomepants spoof I found on YouTube. I busted a gut laughing at this thing. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More musings.

Time to get back on the old bloggo horse. Nothing super deep this time around, either. Mostly just random musings/updates.

In my creative writing class (which is fantastic, btw), our next assignment is to write a fanfic. Hoo hoo! Taking other peoples' universes and playing in them is one of my very favorite things to do! But I can't decide what to write... I think I'm going to do a Little Women fanfic, in which Amy drowns and Jo marries Laurie, Jo goes to Europe instead of Amy and Jo marries Laurie, Amy gets killed in Europe in a Paris riot and Jo marries Laurie, or Amy's face scarred in a horrific accident involving acid, she moves to France, and takes up residence underneath the Paris Opera House, where she threatens the owners and trains singers.

I'm not an Amy March fan; is it obvious?

*cough* Anyway, what other fanfics could I do?

My other musings include:

1) Have you ever noticed how high energy and low braincells are a lethal combination? It's like little dogs that are hyped up, but aren't bright enough to run around in open areas and end up running into walls. My brain was on a herbal tea break all day today and I was exhausted, and then at lunch something muy exciting happened. My energy level went through the roof, but left my poor little braincells behind. Not a very good combination.

2) Why is it "stalking" when a not very good-looking guy follows a girl around, watches her in while she's in her bedroom, and stares at her all the time, but deemed "romantic" and "totally appropriate" when a hot guy like Edward Cullen does it? In fact, Edward Cullen is a VAMPIRE and is more dangerous than any ugly guy! Is this what we are teaching our youth?! (I am only being semi-sarcastic)

Friday, November 7, 2008



I should probably write something. And it should probably be entertaining or something.


I got nothing.

Well, I got grounded. But that's pretty much it.

No, I didn't get caught smoking pot again (hahaha).

No, I wasn't caught with a guy (although I totally told my YW group that and they were scandalized...haha).

No, I didn't get arrested or ticketed.

I can't think of any other reasons a person would be grounded, besides the actual reason.

Last Friday I spent nine hours at Kayla's house and I didn't call my parents to check in and Kayla had turned off her cell phone, so they couldn't get a hold of me. So they were less than thrilled when I got home at midnight. (Not to mention this was a repeated offense; I got in that late pretty much every weekend in October.)

And plus I started this new medication that can have a side-effect of suicidal tendencies, so when they couldn't reach me, they thought I'd offed myself.

So, yeah, I'm grounded, but I'm glad my parents care enough to ground me.