Sunday, October 5, 2008

Into the Mind of Korinne

I went to Into the Woods again last night with my friend Korinne because her dad couldn't go since he had to go to Priesthood session. Isn't that swell of her?

Anyway, since I think interviews are fun to do and I haven't interviewed anyone besides my stomach, I decided to take a notebook along and interview Korinne about random stuff.

Me: Well, it's intermission and I'm here with Korinne Ivory. I'm not sure why I'm interviewing her, but I am. First question: What do you think about the show so far?

Korinne: (Are you going to be one of those people who writes down everything I say? Me: Yes.) I love it coz everything at Hale is amazing. It's pretty awesome. It's...ffffantastic...with an exclamation point. Little Red Ridinghood is great and that one stepsister...she's funny.

Me: What do you think of J-Biz? (he was a student teacher for the choir at WJHS; he played Cinderella's prince)

Korinne: He's not very prince-ish, but he's doing a good job. I can't picture my student teacher as a prince.

There is a pause as I run out of questions. I ask Korinne to help me out. She has no ideas. I remind her that all five people who read my blog will be reading this interview. She gets excited because some random Argentine has been on my blog, and Korinne wants to be Hispanic.

Me: What would you like to say to the Argentines?

Korinne: They probably think I'm a retard...Hola!

Another pause. She asks why I'm interviewing her again. I tell her it's because I've only ever interviewed one person for my blog, and it was my stomach. So I'm 0-1 in coolness.

Korinne: I'm cooler than your stomach!

Me: Yes you are. Now, if you could be any role in this show, what would you be?

Korinne: Uh....think think think...

Me: Or your top three.

Korinne: *pauses*

Me: Five? Your top five?

Korinne: Either Little Red Ridinghood or Cinderella...ooooor a character...whose name is...I don't know. Anyone! I could play anyone. Except a male. I'm not a male.

Me: Since you're an amazing soprano, you could rock Rapunzel's role.

Korinne: Oh yeah. I'm amazing. Jk! And I have long hair!

Me: True on both accounts.

Korinne: *points to some random audience members* You know how they're sitting right by the platform where the narrator stands sometimes? I thought they were in the show. I was like, "What role do they play?"

We both laugh and I tease her and neglect to write down what we both said.

Me: Would the role of the baker be greatly improved by Dehaan?

Korinne: Of course! I mean, the baker's good, but Dehaan would be better. Por supuesto.

Me: What role can you see me doing?

Korinne: *taps chin in thought* *starts playing with tongue* Maybe the stepmom coz I can see you shanking off the toe... I don't know if you can shank off a toe. Can you?

Me: I dunno. So you think I'd be cast solely for my shanking abilities?

Korinne: *laughs* Yeah, you have great shanking skills.

Me: Are you ready for Act II? It's kind of dark/depressing.

Korinne: It is? No! I don't like depressing! I like happily ever after!

Me: To be continued after Act II.

Korinne: Okay. I'll try to intelligent up a little.

Me: Hahaha.

Later, when we had arrived at Korinne's house, she asked me to finish the interview.

Me: I have no more questions.

Korinne: What was the question?

Me: I didn't ask one.

Korinne: What? You didn't ask one? How am I supposed to respond to nothing?! "Here, Korinne, here's some silence; respond to it."

And that's where the interview ends. My interviewing skills aren't so great yet, mostly because I can't write as fast as Korinne and I talk. Maybe next time I'll just record us and then type up a manuscript from that.


Brandon said...

Mandi says: "I played the stepmother, and it was extremely rewarding to shank off the toe. Once, Cinderella's father forgot the knife, and I got to bite off the toe. It was awesome."

I say: "Yeah, recording is the way to go. My handwriting is terrible at any speed, but when I'm trying desperately to keep up with someone who is talking, it gets really bad. Record and transcribe, baby. It's the only way to go."

SEJL said...

I can never keep up on writing when I'm interviewing someone and my notes always end up looking like the notebook of John Nash. I own a really nice and fancy digital voice recorder, but I always seem to forget it when I need it.
I guess I'm not a good person to give you advice on interviewing since I, obviously, am not the greatest at it myself despite the fact that I interview people on a daily basis.
Oh, here's a tip: Always ask open questions, one's that cannot simply be answered by Yes or No. I learned that one in Comm 111, A.K.A. Journalism 101.
I'm curious to see who you'll interview next, any thoughts?

Amy said...

Bwa ha ha ha! Have I sucked yet another sibling into journalism? I heart it...