Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Slurpee Adventure

Yesterday was not so great. I mean, it was okay up until the whole work thing.

Today was almost the exact same; I woke up, did nothing productive, went to WJHS during lunch, came home, did nothing productive, then went to work.

Except today I went on The Slurpee Adventure! Dun duh da dun!

Actually, I was going to go on The Slurpee Adventure with Korinne yesterday, but I couldn't find her until lunchtime was almost over, so it was postponed until today.

As soon as I met Korinne by her locker, she said, "Becca, I drew you a picture! I did it in physics when I was bored."

There are some things I should probably explain:

1) The Green Vomit- The Green Vomit is my car, and was, sadly, being used by my older sister. We had to drive my big 15 passenger grey and white van. Just the two of us. It was awesome.

2) "I <3 School!"- Korinne likes to make fun of the fact that I love learning/school. One time she even said, "I'm Becca! I love learning! It's better than Disneyland!" (which is kinda true, actually...)

Anyway, I had to do some fancy driving and wrong-turning in order to maneuver the bus to the nearest 7-11. When we finally got there, apparently it's this hang-out for the Shady Creeps' Gang. Seriously. The only people there were shady gangsters. It was great.

And then--get this--Korinne was only going to do ONE flavor of Slurpee! Holy cow! Who does that? She said, "I think I'll get the pina colada..." and I said, "What now? Oh, yeah. You're my one-Slurpee-flavor friend. Weirdo. It's all about layering!" Then, in an act of supreme courage, she put all the flavors in her Slurpee.

I've never been so proud in my life.

So, I took her back to school for her fun half of the day, and I was left with a little life-saver to hold onto when that jerk-face swore at me during work. I hope he's grateful; he was one Slurpee and a Korinne-hug away from being repeatedly stabbed in the jugular with a hanger.


Brandon said...

Interesting weapon of choice.

Slow, agonizing death, but odds of missing the jugular are a bit high for my tastes.

Becky said...

Awesome slurpee adventure! I do always wonder about those one flavor only slurpee people... plus 7-11 is all about sketchy people!