Monday, September 8, 2008


Before I start blogging about my first day back at Paradigm, I've got to set aside a few paragraphs for my little brother, Micah.

Today Micah is turning five years old! It's insane. It seems like just yesterday that he was a little obnoxious red-headed baby with a wheat allergy. Now he thinks I'M obnoxious and can eat whatever he dang well pleases. What would I do without him?

Like this morning, for instance. I was up along with everyone else for the first time since June, and my mum was talking to Micah about what birthday cereal he wanted.

"I want Raisin Bran!" (we never have to buy the stuff; no one but my dad and Micah eats it and we have several boxes in the basement)

Ew. Josh tried to tell Micah to get Crunch Berries or something, but Micah was staunch. He wanted Raisin Bran! What a character.

Yesterday we went to Temple Square on a family outing. Micah was playing the role of tour guide very well, despite the fact that he made up everything as he went. We were in the South visitors' center; the one with the big window with a view of the Salt Lake Temple.

In his tour guide voice, Micah pointed at the temple and said, "There was this one time where I was a good guy and the bad guys were in there and they were making fun of me, of course."

My mum and I exchanged amused glances.

"Micah, what building is that?"

"The great and spacious building." (from Lehi's dream)

Bless his little heart.

Happy Birthday, Crazypants!

Now for Paradigm. MAN I love that place! Seeing all my friends and the mentors and the not-even-half-finished made my heart swell with love. (look, I already know I'm a nerd; if you didn't you've missed the last 65 posts) Even though I didn't have any actual classes, it was still the pants. Ms. Hanson pulled some strings and now I'm in her mentor class! She's possibly the coolest teacher at Paradigm (which is saying something because all the mentors at Paradigm are all really cool).

I'm ready to learn!


Josh said...

lol I remember that. Mom asked him if he wanted to go to the store with him to get some cereal. I just cracked up after his answer

Brooke said...

What would we do without Micah- the great and spacious building as the temple- wow- I guess we all need to be careful. I'm glad your happiness could now begin with school starting. Have fun!