Sunday, September 21, 2008

From Hilary to Behuthis

(That title actually sounds like a pretty interesting book/movie title. I want everyone's ideas on what it would be about. You, too, blog stalkers.)

After reading my friend Sarah's blog (the chica is a literary genius), this post is going to seem so shallow and dumb, but I'm posting it anyway.

First off, happy seventeenth birthday to Hilary! I'm not sure if she reads my blog at all; however, I am wishing her most happy returns anyway. She is one of the only people who can keep up with my world famous mood swings. Hilary is also the reigning champion of effectively comforting me when I'm crying my eyeballs out. And she's got possibly the most gorgeous voice I've ever heard AND she's a kick-buttocks actress. Hilary, you're the pants. I wish I had a decent picture of the two of us to post here, but alas; 'tis not so.

One of my favorite Hilary memories is the one where we were walking home from Gardner Village or the cemetery and she got a blister... I'd say more if I was sure she wouldn't kill me in my bed for it. *mischievous grin*

This next sequence might be funny to some of you, and it might not be. Although I thought it was hilarious, I've been known snort uproariously at things such as the "p" being burnt out of the "pharmacy" sign.

Anyway, Micah tried to write his first and last name today and left his results lying around on the table. (I was going to post the actual paper, but blogger's not feeling like letting me upload it.)

I walked by it on my way through the kitchen, and I stopped to squint at it for a minute.

"Micah Behuthis? Who on earth is that? Behruhes?"

My mom immediately jumped to Micah's defense.

"It says 'Micah Barrus.' He's still working on his writing skills."

I'll say. During church today I had him trace letters on my back, and I couldn't tell a Q from an A. (Okay, so he did it correctly on the back of the "Behuthis" page; but still.)

That's all. I really stink at conclusions. The thought for this week is "Everyone is Different."

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Sarah S. said...

Ah! Thanks! Your amaaaazing!