Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cast List

Okay, okay, okay, okay. I'm getting down to it and posting. (Steph, it was your nudge that motivated me; I wasn't actually going to blog tonight.)

I didn't get the lead. But you know what? That's okay with me. I still have one more year at Paradigm. One more shot at the lead. At least I have a character with lines and a name.

I'm Mrs. Bixby, the shopkeeper's wife. As far as I know, I'm more "ensemble" than "supporting lead," but hey. I'm down with whatever I'm given. I trust Mr. Macy and Mrs. Steinmann's decision.

At least I am now. After seeing the cast list and seeing that I got the part I wanted the very least (she doesn't even sing; kind of a waste in my eyes), I had to take a time out. A literal time out.

You know, the kind that little children have to have when they're cranky and upset and doing/on the verge of doing dangerous things.

I turned to Jaimi (who has been my support system all week long) and said, "Hi. Will you sluff your next class and come sit in the Green Vomit with me?"

"Biology? Heck yes. Let's go."

So we sat in my car for an hour (Mr. Andrews even saw us and let us be), and I cried and pouted and Jaimi was just generally my voice of reason. If I hadn't taken that time-out, I would've thrown a diva fit and dropped the play altogether. But I took a step back and realized how fortunate I was to get a named character. If I hadn't been expecting the lead, I would've been ecstatic. So why should that change?

And Amy reminded me of when we saw "Cinderella" at Tuhacan and how we hated the lead, and how her stepsisters made us bust our spleens. So I've decided to be the ensemble character who steals the show. *mischevious smile*

Jo March is making her way up into the world. Look out, Broadway! I'm going to be the BEST MRS. BIXBY THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. Ding!


Becky said...

Congrats on getting cast! But I can't believe you sluffed!

Brooke said...

My sister sluffing? Where did this come from. I only sluffed one class in my life, and that was choir one day my Junior year of college, and it was because I made a promise I wouldn't be late the whole semester, and I was "talking" (o.k. more like crying) to Forrest and realized I was late, so I just didn't go. I guess you were crying, so that is a little justified. But wow. Really though, I'm excited you're in the show, and to see how fantastic you will be- and maybe next summer you could do the thing Mandi did (I forgot the name of it, playmill or something) that summer she was in all those plays up in Idaho- and then you'll get to be in shows all summer long!

Mandi said...

Becca-you are so mature for your age (yeah, I know you've NEVER heard that one before :). I'm really proud of you that you had the wherewithall to take a step back, let your emotions run their course, and then deal with the situation in such a positive way. Go you! And I can't wait to see your show-stoppin' Mrs. Bixby!

PS: Did you know you get a shotgun?

SEJL said...

Thanks for the post! Just wanted to tell you that I'm sure Mrs. Bixby will steal the show! Way to get a part, WITH a name nonetheless. You're so talented and have such a great future ahead of you! Keep doing what you're doing and way to look at it in a positive way. Very mature of you!

P.S.- I've 'sluffed' many classes, no worries.

P.P.S.- Is 'sluff' a West Coast word? Never heard it before, but was able to deduce its meaning, obviously.

Josh said...

hey Becca, I have another Micah story. So on Thursday, Micah was like, Josh, you can have Raisin Bran with bananas for cereal!

Becky said...

Yes sluffed is a west coast word, or even a Utah word. BTW Becca I was just teasing. We all know I sluffed a lot of classes.