Friday, August 29, 2008

Signs that I need to go back to school

The top however-many-I-feel-like signs that I need to go back to school:

1) I went to go watch Wishbone today and it was a rerun. From the June.

2) The fact that watching Wishbone (even reruns) is usually the highlight of my day.

3) The only person I hang out with is Micah, my four year old little brother, because everyone else is back in school/has a life.

4) My friends ask me to help them with their essays for school. Not only do I do it, I enjoy doing it.

5) The majority of my day is spent thinking up new and innovative things I could do and then never doing them.

6) I sneak into WJHS at lunch to see my friends.

7) I eat breakfast at 10, then start thinking about what to eat for lunch at 11. It takes so long to decide that it's usually 1 by the time I actually eat.

8) I've probably read over fifty books this summer. And now I'm sick of reading. (gasp in horror, gentle readers; this is a big thing)

Yeah, I think that's it. Anyway, at least there won't be a full week of Jumpstart-ness. Since we're starting so late, full class days begin on the Thursday after we start. Huzzah!

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