Thursday, August 21, 2008

Relationship problems

I've been having relationship problems lately. We agreed to separate for the summer, but now I'm ready to get back together. It's just been too long! He says he doesn't want me back for a couple weeks.

I'm ready to dive into a more serious relationship, but he says that he just wants to play for the first little while.

As angry as I am at him right now, I honestly can put up with it. I know that once we get over this rough patch, he'll sweep me off my feet and we'll get along again.

Who is this studly guy?'s kind of embarrassing.....


It's my school. I know, I know; que un petardo! ("what a nerd" in Spanish) I know I'm a nerd.
Everyone who knows me knows I'm a nerd. And I'm okay with that.

I've been waiting for school to start since the beginning of July. It's set to start on the 2nd of September (our new building isn't quite finished yet); however, the first week is known as "Jumpstart Week."

I was hoping it'd be "jumpstart" like "we're going to give you a mind-stretching essay that's due by the end of the week." Nope. It's "jumpstart" like "we're going to play games and get to know each other and talk about our school values." Seriously, we only have to go to school for four hours a day the first week.

That kind of thing is acceptable as a first-day-of-school thing. Maybe even the first and second days. But a whole week? I'm deeply saddened. We don't even get our final schedules until the 5th.

I'm sure that by the end of the first day I'll be elated and drugged up on joyness. But for right now, my soul is cast into the deep pit of woe and no man can drag me from thence.


Josh said...

Who? Kade? No, the one who plays on the football team fro Riverton

Becca said...

No, you moron. You didn't even read my post. It was about SCHOOL.

Brooke said...

I can't even handle how much I like my brothers and sisters. Wow, Josh and Becca your comments just made me laugh out loud. But I do have to say I was perplexed reading the first few lines of your post Becca. I thought, Becca- not just liking a boy- but being a in a relationship with one? Where in the world have I been? But it makes sense. I'm sorry you're so depressed about the lack of neurological stimulation that will happen that first week, if you want I can give you an assignment and then have Brandon or Amy grade it since I'm not a great writer anyway. Just trying to help. And your brain would have been challenged if you came to Education Week with me and had teachers show you things you never saw in your entire life in the scriptures although they had been there since the get go. Wow. Anyway so I blame you that you're depressed about school not starting. (O.k. I'm not that bitter that you didn't go with me, but I still don't know why you aren't dying to go to Education Week.)

Brandon said...

Good grief, try not to mope around too much during your first week of super-easy school.

I know it's hard, but if you fight through it with your head held high, you'll grow more as a person than you'll ever know.


Josh said...

I'll never be able to go to that Paradigm charter school. It has the cheesiest commercial EVER!