Friday, August 22, 2008

Redneck Becca

Today was a day of self discovery. Exactly what did I discover? An insane passion for extreme sports.

All right, so riding mechanical bulls is not "extreme." But it's harder than it looks.

I was always one of those people that scoffed at cowboys. And in that song "Live like You were Dying" where Tim sings about going 3.7 seconds on a bull named Fumanchu, I always thought, "What a loser. Less than 4 seconds... I coulda out-rode him!"

My family was at Snowbird today for one of my dad's work parties, so I did rode the Alpine Slide a couple of times, then got bored. (The line was obscenely long.) There was a mechanical bull randomly by the track, but I ignored it largely.

It caught Micah's eye, however, and he told me that he "wanted to ride the camel." Since he's not seven, though, he couldn't. So I let him ride vicariously through me. My first ride I was a little stiff, but it was so much fun!


And so I went again....


And again.....


It was pretty much the awesome-sauce pantalones from heaven. There were these guys in their 20's there and they were getting thrown left and right. It made me feel pretty good about myself. That, and Micah is the high-pitched screaming in the background. He thinks I'm so cool now.

I've decided that this would pretty much be a kick-butt date. Now if only I could find a guy who'd be willing to be thrown off a bull...or a guy who's willing to go on a date with me period....

PS- I hope you watch these videos more than once. They are taking a maddeningly long time to upload.


Brandon said...

I'm glad you have a higher appreciation for bull riding, sistah. It's tougher 'n tough. Real cowboys have a hard time when bulls take a 300-degree spin, too. Good jaerb.

Becky said...

HAHAHA I love when it whips you around like crazy! You are tough. I wouldn't even go near one of those.

Cindy Lou said...

That was so entertaining!!! You are so funny!!