Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Pants

Have you ever wondered who starts trends? Who decided that the side bangs are cool? Who decided that the nasty baggy pants are cool? Who decided that "cool" is cool?

Ordinary people like you and me.

Of course, it's not the people that make something catchy. It's the catchiness in and of itself. It has to be almost universally appealing or it won't work.

Anyone who knows me knows that lately I've been using "the pants" as an expression of pleasure or approval. I used to think that I heard an old guy using it and picked it up, but I'm not so sure anymore. One day I texted Korinne and said, "You're the pants!"

She gave the reaction that I've heard many times since.

"I'm the what?"

People always react like that, but if they're exposed to me long enough, they start saying it. They even make up other jokes to go along with it. The first time I called my sister's friend Caryn the pants, she didn't even flinch.

"Yes! I've been the capris for so long! I'm glad I got promoted to the pants."

Even if it never catches on a huge scale, it can be my little quirk. It rolls off the tongue and screams "Becca!"

Oh, and the fact that school doesn't start til the 2nd of September for me?


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Brooke said...

So you're the one that left the message "You're the pants" on the message board and I had to explain it to everyone. Come to education week with me this week Becca- it will be a BLAST! And it will make time go faster, and therefore school come faster.