Tuesday, August 26, 2008

....not worth titling....

This is Ophelia.

She was driven insane when Prince Hamlet spurned her.

She drowned herself.

This is Becca.

She went crazy for lots of reasons.

Not only does her school not start for another two weeks,
she just found out that her school musical is "Seven Brides for
Seven Brothers."

She's not going to drown herself, but I'd keep lakes/rivers/oceans
and all sharp objects away from her.


Amy said...

Check check check check.

Becky said...

What's wrong with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

Josh said...

seriously. I'd take your place ANY DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I get Mr. Rigby who walks down the isles saying" Here we go!" In his insanely creepy voice. Thank goodness he is only my History teacher. Plus, WHY!!!