Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Women meets Harry Potter

Okay, I have to get this off my chest; I hate fictional relationships that make absolutely no sense. It's all right when you look at people in real life and say, "How on earth did you two hook up?" because it's real. But for heaven's sake, if you're going to have two fictional characters get together, at least make it believable. Do I have any specific examples? You bet.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Harry/Ginny relationship is my biggest pet peeve ever. (Number two is Ron and Hermione; I'll explain why it's only #2 in a sec.) You have Harry Potter, main character, hero, complex, very well-rounded. And then you have Ginny Weasley. Red haired. Uh... Quidditch keeper? What the heck do we know about her? She's a hit with the boys, apparently. But that's it. What does she actually help Harry with? We barely see her in the first book; she sets Voldemort loose in the second book; she's pretty much nonexistent in books three and four; she semi-helps with the raid on the Ministry in the fifth book; I can't even remember her role in the sixth book besides making out with Harry; and she's got no role at all in the seventh book.

And the MAIN CHARACTER ends up marrying her and naming his children stupid names with her? (Albus Severus...I ask you!) Good job, JK.

Ron and Hermione make a little more sense; at least they sort of hang out in all the books. But of the two, Hermione is about a hundred times more important to the plot (and Harry's life) than Ron.

JK Rowling was an avid Little Women fan when she was younger, did you know that? (She likes being called "Jo," actually.) That little-known fact gave me a foundation for my theory:

She wants to inflict the same pain she felt when Laurie didn't marry Jo on our generation. Jo and Laurie (like Harry and Hermione) make perfect sense, too. But Louisa didn't want Jo to get married because she herself never married. So she had Jo shun Laurie.

Of course, the fans back in the 1800's wouldn't hear of Jo staying unmarried. So Louisa introduced Professor Bhaer, the kindly old German professor who thinks Jo is the pants. Jo agrees to marry him, and Laurie marries Amy (Jo's LITTLE SISTER; Ginny, anyone?).

Ms. Rowling is spreading her anguish to the Harry Potter generation. I guess that makes my irritation at Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron a bit more bearable.

But only a bit.


Brandon said...

A very intriguing theory.

Makes a lot of sense.

Brooke said...

Becca, I don't know where you learned to write, but for heavens sakes you need to get paid when you write like this. Not just the theory but the whole voice thing with your writing- it's fascinating to read. A good theory, I hope you can sleep better at night now. :)

Anna said...

lol. actually the Jo/Laurie thing bothered me a lot when I was your age...but then I got older and the thing with Professor Baeur (sp?) made more sense to me....Laurie was her first fun boyfriend and the professor matches her in ways that make her want to spend the rest of her life with makes sense to me.

Marcy said...

I'm almost finished with Little Women (50 pages to go!--I've already seen the 1994 movie, though) and you took words right out of my mouth!

Plus, when Laurie decides to marry Amy, it reminded me of Harry marrying Ginny. Harry just has to marry into the Weasley family, like Laurie with the Marches. Since the Weasley family only had one girl--that was Harry's only choice. As for Laurie, Amy was the only March girl who wasn't married, didn't reject him yet, and wasn't sick.

But truthfully, I think Alcott--being the marvelous writer she was--let the Laurie and Amy romance bloom quite naturally in Good Wives. I rather like Prof. Bhaer as well. But like so many other readers, I would've preferred Jo and Laurie living happily ever after--together, of course.

Fantastic post! Very nice blog, too.

Anonymous said...

you are making perfect sense
i mean the relashionships they came up with suck,i mean the are suppose to be good authors
i think harry/hermione and joe/laurie would made everyone verry happy and satisfied insted of just depressing them