Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Paradigm is doing retarded Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (which, if any of you are interested, is on the list on Western musicals that I hate; Annie Get Your Gun, Oklahoma, and Paint Your Wagon are on that list, too) for our school musical. I'm sure I could get over that fact (after long sessions of therapy), if not for something else.

Jordan High is doing Thoroughly Modern Millie.

*writhes in sheer agony*

Thoroughly Modern Millie is on my "A" list of musicals. It's up there with Wicked, Little Women, Fiddler on the Roof, and Into the Woods. I would give my left lung to be in the chorus!

To be completely fair, though, I haven't actually seen SBfSB; however, I've heard most of the music and I've got a complete bias against country-sounding musicals. Ick.

Plus, there are at LEAST seven male roles that need to be filled. Which means we'll have to find at least seven guys who are willing to sing, act, and dance.

Which isn't gonna happen.

Two years ago, Paradigm did You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. There are quite a few guy roles, right? Linus, Schroader, and, por supuesto, Charlie Brown.

Not one guy auditioned. So our drama teacher made the best of it; he made it an all girl cast. They were all fabulous, but that strategy won't work for SBfSB. Um, awkwardness of awkwardnesses. No can do.

We'll just see...


Sharon said...

You're beating your head against a stone wall, Milly. You'll never make jackadandies out of them!

Becky said...

Thanks for the explanation of why you are not excited for this musical. BTW the only 2 musicals I have seen are on your "I hate" list. Maybe that's why I never saw anymore of them?...

Becca said...

Exactly, Becky. You've only seen the ones on my >Z list. Go to the A list. You've never seen Fiddler?!