Friday, August 29, 2008

Signs that I need to go back to school

The top however-many-I-feel-like signs that I need to go back to school:

1) I went to go watch Wishbone today and it was a rerun. From the June.

2) The fact that watching Wishbone (even reruns) is usually the highlight of my day.

3) The only person I hang out with is Micah, my four year old little brother, because everyone else is back in school/has a life.

4) My friends ask me to help them with their essays for school. Not only do I do it, I enjoy doing it.

5) The majority of my day is spent thinking up new and innovative things I could do and then never doing them.

6) I sneak into WJHS at lunch to see my friends.

7) I eat breakfast at 10, then start thinking about what to eat for lunch at 11. It takes so long to decide that it's usually 1 by the time I actually eat.

8) I've probably read over fifty books this summer. And now I'm sick of reading. (gasp in horror, gentle readers; this is a big thing)

Yeah, I think that's it. Anyway, at least there won't be a full week of Jumpstart-ness. Since we're starting so late, full class days begin on the Thursday after we start. Huzzah!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Paradigm is doing retarded Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (which, if any of you are interested, is on the list on Western musicals that I hate; Annie Get Your Gun, Oklahoma, and Paint Your Wagon are on that list, too) for our school musical. I'm sure I could get over that fact (after long sessions of therapy), if not for something else.

Jordan High is doing Thoroughly Modern Millie.

*writhes in sheer agony*

Thoroughly Modern Millie is on my "A" list of musicals. It's up there with Wicked, Little Women, Fiddler on the Roof, and Into the Woods. I would give my left lung to be in the chorus!

To be completely fair, though, I haven't actually seen SBfSB; however, I've heard most of the music and I've got a complete bias against country-sounding musicals. Ick.

Plus, there are at LEAST seven male roles that need to be filled. Which means we'll have to find at least seven guys who are willing to sing, act, and dance.

Which isn't gonna happen.

Two years ago, Paradigm did You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. There are quite a few guy roles, right? Linus, Schroader, and, por supuesto, Charlie Brown.

Not one guy auditioned. So our drama teacher made the best of it; he made it an all girl cast. They were all fabulous, but that strategy won't work for SBfSB. Um, awkwardness of awkwardnesses. No can do.

We'll just see...

....not worth titling....

This is Ophelia.

She was driven insane when Prince Hamlet spurned her.

She drowned herself.

This is Becca.

She went crazy for lots of reasons.

Not only does her school not start for another two weeks,
she just found out that her school musical is "Seven Brides for
Seven Brothers."

She's not going to drown herself, but I'd keep lakes/rivers/oceans
and all sharp objects away from her.

Seriously SO TICKED

I am about ready to start bustin' heads, Chuck Norris style.

My family just got an email from Paradigm saying that we won't be starting until the 8th.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Redneck Becca

Today was a day of self discovery. Exactly what did I discover? An insane passion for extreme sports.

All right, so riding mechanical bulls is not "extreme." But it's harder than it looks.

I was always one of those people that scoffed at cowboys. And in that song "Live like You were Dying" where Tim sings about going 3.7 seconds on a bull named Fumanchu, I always thought, "What a loser. Less than 4 seconds... I coulda out-rode him!"

My family was at Snowbird today for one of my dad's work parties, so I did rode the Alpine Slide a couple of times, then got bored. (The line was obscenely long.) There was a mechanical bull randomly by the track, but I ignored it largely.

It caught Micah's eye, however, and he told me that he "wanted to ride the camel." Since he's not seven, though, he couldn't. So I let him ride vicariously through me. My first ride I was a little stiff, but it was so much fun!

And so I went again....

And again.....

It was pretty much the awesome-sauce pantalones from heaven. There were these guys in their 20's there and they were getting thrown left and right. It made me feel pretty good about myself. That, and Micah is the high-pitched screaming in the background. He thinks I'm so cool now.

I've decided that this would pretty much be a kick-butt date. Now if only I could find a guy who'd be willing to be thrown off a bull...or a guy who's willing to go on a date with me period....

PS- I hope you watch these videos more than once. They are taking a maddeningly long time to upload.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Relationship problems

I've been having relationship problems lately. We agreed to separate for the summer, but now I'm ready to get back together. It's just been too long! He says he doesn't want me back for a couple weeks.

I'm ready to dive into a more serious relationship, but he says that he just wants to play for the first little while.

As angry as I am at him right now, I honestly can put up with it. I know that once we get over this rough patch, he'll sweep me off my feet and we'll get along again.

Who is this studly guy?'s kind of embarrassing.....


It's my school. I know, I know; que un petardo! ("what a nerd" in Spanish) I know I'm a nerd.
Everyone who knows me knows I'm a nerd. And I'm okay with that.

I've been waiting for school to start since the beginning of July. It's set to start on the 2nd of September (our new building isn't quite finished yet); however, the first week is known as "Jumpstart Week."

I was hoping it'd be "jumpstart" like "we're going to give you a mind-stretching essay that's due by the end of the week." Nope. It's "jumpstart" like "we're going to play games and get to know each other and talk about our school values." Seriously, we only have to go to school for four hours a day the first week.

That kind of thing is acceptable as a first-day-of-school thing. Maybe even the first and second days. But a whole week? I'm deeply saddened. We don't even get our final schedules until the 5th.

I'm sure that by the end of the first day I'll be elated and drugged up on joyness. But for right now, my soul is cast into the deep pit of woe and no man can drag me from thence.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The trend has begun...

Apparently, somebody in Beijing read my last post and decided that The Pants would be a really cool building.

Behold!This is the new CCTV headquarters. One of my YW leaders excitedly informed me of its existence today during church. I couldn't believe my fortune. Woo hoo! Once I get China under my control, everyone else is pretty much hosed! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Pants

Have you ever wondered who starts trends? Who decided that the side bangs are cool? Who decided that the nasty baggy pants are cool? Who decided that "cool" is cool?

Ordinary people like you and me.

Of course, it's not the people that make something catchy. It's the catchiness in and of itself. It has to be almost universally appealing or it won't work.

Anyone who knows me knows that lately I've been using "the pants" as an expression of pleasure or approval. I used to think that I heard an old guy using it and picked it up, but I'm not so sure anymore. One day I texted Korinne and said, "You're the pants!"

She gave the reaction that I've heard many times since.

"I'm the what?"

People always react like that, but if they're exposed to me long enough, they start saying it. They even make up other jokes to go along with it. The first time I called my sister's friend Caryn the pants, she didn't even flinch.

"Yes! I've been the capris for so long! I'm glad I got promoted to the pants."

Even if it never catches on a huge scale, it can be my little quirk. It rolls off the tongue and screams "Becca!"

Oh, and the fact that school doesn't start til the 2nd of September for me?


Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Women meets Harry Potter

Okay, I have to get this off my chest; I hate fictional relationships that make absolutely no sense. It's all right when you look at people in real life and say, "How on earth did you two hook up?" because it's real. But for heaven's sake, if you're going to have two fictional characters get together, at least make it believable. Do I have any specific examples? You bet.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Harry/Ginny relationship is my biggest pet peeve ever. (Number two is Ron and Hermione; I'll explain why it's only #2 in a sec.) You have Harry Potter, main character, hero, complex, very well-rounded. And then you have Ginny Weasley. Red haired. Uh... Quidditch keeper? What the heck do we know about her? She's a hit with the boys, apparently. But that's it. What does she actually help Harry with? We barely see her in the first book; she sets Voldemort loose in the second book; she's pretty much nonexistent in books three and four; she semi-helps with the raid on the Ministry in the fifth book; I can't even remember her role in the sixth book besides making out with Harry; and she's got no role at all in the seventh book.

And the MAIN CHARACTER ends up marrying her and naming his children stupid names with her? (Albus Severus...I ask you!) Good job, JK.

Ron and Hermione make a little more sense; at least they sort of hang out in all the books. But of the two, Hermione is about a hundred times more important to the plot (and Harry's life) than Ron.

JK Rowling was an avid Little Women fan when she was younger, did you know that? (She likes being called "Jo," actually.) That little-known fact gave me a foundation for my theory:

She wants to inflict the same pain she felt when Laurie didn't marry Jo on our generation. Jo and Laurie (like Harry and Hermione) make perfect sense, too. But Louisa didn't want Jo to get married because she herself never married. So she had Jo shun Laurie.

Of course, the fans back in the 1800's wouldn't hear of Jo staying unmarried. So Louisa introduced Professor Bhaer, the kindly old German professor who thinks Jo is the pants. Jo agrees to marry him, and Laurie marries Amy (Jo's LITTLE SISTER; Ginny, anyone?).

Ms. Rowling is spreading her anguish to the Harry Potter generation. I guess that makes my irritation at Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron a bit more bearable.

But only a bit.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seriously posting

Hey! I'm finally buckling down and blogging! Remember how I promised how this post would be amusing/engaging? Well, I may or may not have been lying. We'll just have to see...


WAIT! I think I have a spark of creativity!

Mmm, nope. That'd be my stomach. Sometimes it talks to me. Want me to interpret?

Stomach: "Hey! Let's go get some Bajio!"

Me: "Nope. We got some yesterday, remember?"

Stomach: "Yeah, and remember how good it was? We could eat chimichangas all day!"

Me: "We probably could. But then we'd explode, like that guy on Batman."

Stomach: "Ew. That's gross, Becca."

Me: "I know, right? That's why we're not getting Bajio today."

Stomach: "*sighs* What about Panda? Can we go get Panda?"

Me: "*looks at clock* No. It's 12:50. We need to go make a pants cake with Lauren in a little bit."

Stomach: "Oooh! A pants cake is almost as good as Panda!"

Me: "We won't be eating it, stomach. It's for Gretchen and Missy."

Stomach: "...oh...."

Me: "Let's go make a sandwich so you stop whining, okay?"

Stomach: "Woot! Let's do it!"

So, I'm going to go get a sandwich for my loud stomach. I'll think of something funny/creative later, okay?