Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Inbox of no return...

I have a confession to make: sometimes...I don't reply to emails for a very long time. It's not because I hate (or even dislike) the people who write to me or anything. And it's not like I let the emails rot for months (or even weeks) on end. They just sit there for a couple days, and I look at them and say, "Oh, dear. I really should write back to Beth. And that one from Meg has been sitting there far too long. I should write back..."

And of course I don't until a few days later. Is this a normal? Am I lazy? If it's an urgent email, such as one from Korinne saying how much she hates boys and would like to talk to me as soon as time permits, I reply as fast as anything. But the commonplace email usually marinates in my Inbox for a day at the least.

That leads me to the question of the day: does the majority of the technologically-savvy world reply to conversation emails faster or slower than I do?

Input and comments are greatly appreciated.


Brandon said...

Meh, don't worry about it. Back in the day of regular mail, people used to have to wait nigh unto a week just for mail to make it from one friend to another. I say this world needs a little more patience. And if that means I don't comment on a blog post I read until the following day, so be it.

Amy said...

Depends on the day, but usually I don't let emails sit for too long - sometimes a week or so, but anything more than that and it bothers me. I'm semi-OCD about it.