Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Follow-Up Story

(This is Bel Canto. We are wearing awesome dresses with tags that say "Trashy Diva.")

As you all probably know, I am not dead. Huzzah! Mrs. Steinmann was okay with the whole thing; in fact, she told me that she was glad I hadn't told her beforehand because she would've said no and the audience wouldn't have liked "Big Spender" as much. I poked my head in her office after school and said, "Can we still be friends and will you sign my yearbook?" She wrote:

"I'm so so so so a million times happy that you joined choir. Plus I really like you as a person. Just consider how harmful smoking is to your health. -Frau Steinmann"

Hee hee. I'm glad she's not one of those super uptight teachers. Those can be such a drag.

Blech. Speaking of drags (and, no, I don't meant the cigarette variety), school is officially out and I could not possibly be any more depressed. I mean, look at these people! They're crazy! A perfect fit!

Awww, I love these guys. I guess I'll just have to go cruising with them or something...

PS- Feast and Ball stuff is coming; I just have to get pictures from various sources.

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Becky said...

Ahhh the drama