Friday, May 9, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a while since the last post, and I don't have a very good excuse other than it's hard to find a few moments in which to sit down a and write anything worthwhile. I still love Paradigm, I still love life, and I've re-fallen in love with my favorite TV show.

Paradigm, Paradigm, Paradigm! I cannot say enough good things about it. This week has been the absolute bomb. This SEMESTER has been the absolute bomb. No busy work, fantastic friends, vivacious teachers... I think I'm in love. (I'm such a nerd. :B) Today was a random day where the administration threw us a barbecue and then cut us loose to do whatever we dang well pleased. I was rather psyched. I went upstairs into the math room to play "Signs" and the keys game with a bunch of friends and Mr. Rogers. It was some good, good times.

Also, it's Feast and Ball next week! Huzzzzzzah! For all you who don't know, Feast and Ball is the Paradigm equivalent to prom. Only cooler. A) You don't have to take anyone to be cool. My walloping group of friends and I are all going together without the awkwardness of dates. B) We get full run of the Thanksgiving Point gardens for all hours of the night. C) It's only $50 for dinner, activity, and dancing. I think that's a pretty positive point. D) You have to be wearing a modest dress or you aren't allowed in.

And E) I am making (my mum is, actually) a Jane Austen style dress and will not be persecuted for wearing it. My friends think it's super cool, especially since it's going to be made out of WalMart curtains. It's pretty, reasonably priced, and very Austenesque. I will post a picture of it (along with my crazy F & B group) later.

Ah, yes. Sabrina. I don't know how many of you actually watch that show, but it's hilarious. Smarty-pants aunt, laid-back-teenageish aunt, sarcastic talking cat, funny protagonist, evil cheerleader nemesis. It's got everything!


Brandon said...

Awesome you're doing so well.

What tv station is broadcasting Sabrina? Hasn't it been canceled for like ten years?

JoMarch said...

I had to YouTube it. It's not on any TV stations that I'm aware of.