Monday, March 24, 2008

A smörgåsbord of randomity

I haven't got anything good to write. Really. Truly. It's one of those days when my brain is all fuzzy and foggy, but I want to write something. I could give an account of what I did all day; however, the majority of (all three of) you would be bored out of your ever-loving little gray cells. My day could be summed up in 10 words. Are you ready? Here they are:

Sleeping late; eating food; Mansfield Park; working; sinus infection; IdinaMenzel.

It's the first day of my Spring Break, and unlike all normal teenagers (sarcasm, sarcasm), I have naught to do but lounge around on my *ahem* behind all day. I've been toying with the idea of re-doing the basement bathroom, cleaning out our ghetto bus, taking a refreshing walk to the cemetery, and/or embarking on a huge artistic endeavor.

Such high, high ambitions. I'm sure I'll get around to some of them soon. Just not today.

Truth be told, I was feeling sick and lazy all day. There's this gross headache-thing hanging out behind my nose, which my nurse mother informs me is probably a sinus infection. I didn't feel like doing much of anything except reading.

I did accomplish something today! Aha! I finished Mansfield Park, which I have been chewing on for a few weeks now. It was a pretty good story by itself; the romantic side, for which I always so admire Jane Austen, was lacking, though. During all 409 pages I was waiting for Edmund to suddenly look at Fanny and say, "Why, Fanny! You're so loyal and smart and wonderful! Why the heck am I in love with the shallow Miss Crawford?"

Nope. No gushingingly romantic outbursts or anything. On page 408, he finally realizes that he loves Fanny. That's it. A whole 408 pages of prepping, and we don't even get so much as a Darcy-worthy proposal.

But other than that, it was a good book. I really like Fanny. She's a good, solid heroine with brains and compassion. I also admire that she's not cheeky or outspoken. Fanny's a good role model for the more quiet Austen fans. Not my favorite Jane Austen novel (Emma and Pride and Prejudice still hold my heart), but worth my time. It was definitely better than "The Homecoming Queen who Stole my Boyfriend" or "Bad Girls in Love" (yes, that is an actual title of an actual teen-trash book).

The day went out with a nice Idina bang. My family watched "Enchanted" for family night. Ahhh, quality entertainment. If you haven't seen it, you simply must. No ifs ands or buts. It's ingenious, I tell you, INGENIOUS! It makes fun of fairy tales, but unlike "Shrek" (which, side note, they're making into a Broadway musical and Sutton Foster is playing Fiona), the ending makes you go "Awww! That's so cute!" instead of "I heard more flatulence jokes in the past hour and a half than I have in my whole life."

Amy Adams plays the innocent princess role perfectly. James Marsden is so hot (albeit really, really clueless) that it hurts. Poor Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew, Mr. Poe) always seems to get the pitiful moron roles, but at least in this one he stands up for himself. Marmee (Susan Sarandon) plays the evil queen; I couldn't quite get past that. And it doesn't hurt that Idina Menzel plays what's-his-face's fiance, thus making me grin every time she was on screen. "Hey, girlfriend! Ready to kick it?" "Kick what?"

Hee hee hee. At the end when Marmee-as-the-dragon captures what's-his-toes and takes him to the top of the building, I always expect Idina to grab her broom and fly up after her. Now THAT would make it truly perfect.


SEJL said...


Perhaps you think no one cares to read your writing, especially when you think there's nothing to write about them, but I must say I enjoy them.

They're refreshing, witty, humorous, and honest. So keep writing, even if you think it's about nothing. I find that sometimes when I write about something that I figure is dull or unimportant, I turns into something interesting, or at least something to look back on years latter.

And I agree, "Enchanted" is great and it would have been great if Idina had flown.

- Steph L.

Amy said...

Amen...James Marsden is soooo hot. You need to see 27 Dresses -- he's awesome. Oh, AND a journalist. ;) Mmmm....ANYway, I also love the Idina line when she finds the shoe Amy leaves and she's like, "Of course." It's classic. ;)