Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The magic of a shake, a friend, and a handicap parking spot

I have and have had some amazing friends in my life. You know the sort; they'll drop absolutely everything to listen to you whine, gripe, and cry. They come in the form of friends, siblings, and, in my case, YW leaders. Melissa Allred is this amazing soul who would talk with me for half an hour after our activity was done. (She got released, which broke my heart.)

Honestly, it took me a while to understand why they do it. Did my parents pay them extra to make sure I stayed emotionally healthy? Or did they think of me as some service?

I got it all figured it out yesterday. Let me tell you a little story:

So, I have this amazingly wonderful friend named Korinne Ivory. Korinne is fantastic. She's sweet and she's smart and all the guys are in love with her (much to her chagrin; most of them are scary). Yesterday, I was talking to Korinne and she was having a baaaad day. She has this gianormous essay due and life was just stressful stressful stressful.

My thoughts whizzed at top speed. What do I like most when I am stressed? Ice cream! "Okay, I'll take her a shake," I said to myself. But then I realized the other thing I want most when I'm stressed; someone to vent to. Thus I invited Korinne to come get a shake with me, and then we'd just talk for a long while.

I picked her up in my little green car, and we got shakes from Riley's. Then we drove to WJ City Park and I parked in a handicap parking lot because I've never done that before and no one was there.

And we just talked. We talked about taco tape, boys, school, everything and ate our shakes with delicious enjoyment. And you know what? I figured out why all those amazing people in my life would take the time to talk to me and occasionally buy me shakes and things:

They love me. What I felt last night was pure, unadulterated affection and love for my friend. I genuinely wanted to make her life less hard, so I did it in my own special way.

It's a good feeling to love and be loved.

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