Saturday, March 8, 2008

I could cry

I just got home from seeing "Little Women" for the second night in a row. (Yes, the one I auditioned for.) I want to cry. It was really good! Beth made me cry my eyeballs out; Amy was hysterical: Meg was good good good; Laurie was perfect; Marmee was believable; and Professor Bhaer was...sweaty. And old. Oh well. "The Weekly Volcano Press" cracked me up.

And Jo? Well... Uh... She... had a really amazing voice! It was really really pitch perfect. She just didn't... belt where she was supposed to. And she would miss her pick-up notes and rush the stanzas. And... there was no passion.

Oh, she tried. I could feel her trying. But it never translated properly. A Jo without passion is like a baby without its cuteness. It's M&Ms without chocolate. It's a Mormon gathering event sans the funeral potatoes. It just doesn't feel right.It was really funny, though; (not "ha-ha" funny, but "whoa, that's ironic" funny) I normally never cry when Beth dies. This time, though, it was like the floodgates were busted open. I couldn't stop myself.

I do, however, usually bawl my eyes out when Jo is in the throes of depression and Marmee is singing to her and Jo puts up this wall and won't let anyone in... It's terribly tragic. This time, though, I didn't feel it. It was all kinda forced.

Altogether, not a bad way to spend two nights and $10. And it left me aching to be in a show. I want it so bad! Unfortunately, the only auditions coming up that I know of are for "State Fair." Whoopee. Rodgers and Hammerstein's forgotten musical that no one has heard about, not even me, despite being a musical addict. We'll see how that one goes.

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Stephanie E. J. Long said...

Don't give up, try out for "State Fair" I've heard about it, if that helps. LOL Probablly not, but I know of other people who have heard of it. Ah, the life of a wannabe Bway Baby, isn't it great? I know how you feel. I have "Cats" coming up, we'll see how that goes. LOL