Wednesday, March 26, 2008


(A side note: I normally detest titles where everything is capitalized, but "Genius burns" in lower case might as well be "Genius bums.")

Don't you hate those times when a story is bubbling and boiling up inside of your brain? It's slowly taking shape, similar to cookies baking in the oven. No amount of pleading, writing, or thinking will get it to come out any good before it's nice and ready.

Good story ideas usually float around in my head for a long, long while. I sometimes start to write them out, but then they end up half-written in some Jo-forsaken notebook until I look at it pityingly a year later and say, "Oh, you poor dear. Where was I going with you?"

For the past couple months, this Thing has been creeping at the edges of my conscious. And, like most ideas, it's changed forms a fair few times. It was indeed a joyous occasion today when I finally got the breakthrough I needed. Unfortunately, it was while I was at work. Fortunately, the day was really slow so I was able to grab a few sheets of paper and start scribbling.

Then I consulted my wing-man, Amy, because she really is the genius behind my stories. She asks me the hard questions that I normally wouldn't ask myself, and gives me mind-boggling ideas.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to post my story. I'll probably have to finish it first. Which I should probably go do right now...


Brandon said...

HA "Jo-forsaken."

Also, I am insulted to know that you don't think enough of me to consult me in your writing endeavors.

Amy said...

Sooooo excited to read this story. Even if you don't post it, I'm going to read it, right? ;) P.S. Brandon- you just need to get on MSN Messenger. Although, I'm sure Becca meant to insult you and not come to you. ;)