Sunday, February 3, 2008

Things I Love

In no particular order, here's a list of the things I love and maybe an explanation after them if I feel like it:

1) Energetic teachers. You know, the sort who you look at every day and say, "Wow. That person wants to be here right now and wants me to succeed." (Also included are the teachers that aren't afraid to smack you upside the head if you haven't been giving your all.)

2) Good, solid literature. Been over this one a lot. For further information, read previous posts.

3) Musicals of all shapes and sizes. From Fiddler on the Roof to Into the Woods to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown to Wicked, I love musicals and love committing their songs and lyrics to my brain.

4) Being warm. There is absolutely nothing worse than being cold. I love to be pleasantly warm and don't care how weird I look with my 5 layers as long as I'm not shivering.

5) Parties with friends who make you laugh. For example, my friend had a party last night, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. (My friend Korinne told me that she was glad I think she's funny because no one else does.)

6) Okay, so I just love to laugh. Redneck jokes, improv, hilarious friends, Weird-Al songs, Forbidden Broadway, if I think it's clever or funny, it's on my love list.

7) Gentlemen.

8) My family. Huzzah! I love it when my whole family's together and acts crazy.

9) Writing. I love to see my thoughts take shape on the page (or screen, as the case may be.)

10) Acting! I am never happier than when I am on the stage performing, sitting in rehearsal, or practicing a dance routine.


Mandi said...

This is why we're such good friends, Becca. And probably why you were able to call that Bran and I would get married. Also, because you are the revelator for your family.

Amy said...

Uh...I'm down with you putting more than three things. Yup. Definitely down with that. :) I was telling someone about our blond routine today and the little boy in Blockbuster. Oh, man. Good times.