Sunday, January 6, 2008

Only 2 more weeks...

I have seriously never been so excited for the semester to end. Probably because I've never disliked school so intensely.

I turned in my Paradigm stuff on the 2nd and my schedule's all lined up. I'm taking theatre II, honors history, advanced math (pre-calc-ish), Spanish II and, are you ready? Drum-roll, please...... *ratatataratatataratatataratatataratatataratatat*

A Jane Austen class. How totally awesome is that? I am so very excited. I met the teacher when I took the tour of Paradigm way back when, and she was fabulous. She just so happened to wander into the office where I was waiting for the secretary to come back and we got to talking. The reason she was in the office at all was because she was looking up a phone number of a publishing company to see if her novel writing class could take a field trip to their premises to see how it all works.


AND the secretary said that the same teacher is planning a Jane Austen book tour in the spring. (As in, in England, in the place where Jane Austen wrote.) And besides all that, when I was talking to her, she was vivacious and full of spirit, and I was like, "Where the heck are all these teachers?" Then I remembered that they're in charter schools. Duh. Which is why I'm going. That, and a better environment that's more conducive to learning.

Only two more weeks, only two more weeks, only two more weeks...

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Amy said...

So. Cool. I wish we had one o' thems classes up here. We probably do, I'm just not an English major...;)