Monday, January 21, 2008

My Monday

Again, I am in the unfortunate situation of having nothing to write. It's not writer's block; more like lack of inspiration. So, I'm just going to spill whatever my brain wants to spew onto the post.

Today there was no school (huzzah! I start Paradigm tomorrow!), and as such I slept in. I was rudely awakened by one of my scapegrace brothers thundering down the stairs at about 9:00. Unable to go back to sleep, I went upstairs to eat breakfast.

The scene that awaited me outside was possibly the most obscene and horrific I have ever laid eyes on. There was at least eleven inches of snow on the ground. I hate snow. There are few things I hate more than snow. One of these things is being beaten savagely over the head by a far too-hard plastic toy by a 4 year old. Anyway, there was a ton of snow, and I was less than delighted about it.

Fortunately, my life (not to mention my day) didn't end there. My family went to see The Bee Movie, and, not being a particular bee fan (unless Strong Bad is involved), I decided to hit an arcade that I hadn't been to for a while.

It's called Nickelcade, and it was all the rage when I was in about 4th grade. My friends and I would go there at least 4 or 5 times when we were off track. I have some good, good memories from those times. Plotting what we were going to get with our tickets, eating grape slushees, feeding Big Bertha. I learned a lot of lessons, among which is "Don't waste your money on retards." Hee hee hee.

Anyway, so I braved the snow and the cold and the fishtailing semis and went to the arcade. My mum warned me that it probably wouldn't be the shining specimen of glory I remembered it as, but I took no heed. Once a shining specimen of glory, always a shining specimen of glory. (Besides, Nickelcade was ghetto 5 years ago; the ghetto-ness is part of the charm.)

I walked inside where the flashing lights and obnoxious noises greeted me. I paid admission and got $5 in nickels. (Back in the day, Terysa and I usually spent $20 in nickels.) Just to scope things out, I wandered around a little bit, getting reacquainted with certain machines. To my distress, several of my favorite machines (including those cheap-o crane things that I dominated, the aforementioned Big Bertha, and some awesome jet-ski/river raft ones) were out of order. Oh, well.

I tried my luck at the gambling ones that had always gotten the better of me when I was 10 and hit the jackpot a fair few times. I played skeeball and was disappointed to see that I was rusty. I grinned when I realized that the same buttons were broken on the Miss Spider one. The one where you hit stuff with a mallet still befuddled me. That thing has no rhyme or reason to the tickets it cranks out.

Back in 2002, the non-ticket-giving variety of games bored the heck out of me. I mean, what was the point of getting a high score killing zombies if it didn't even help me get that inflatable sword (700 tickets)? This time around, however, I decided to give it a whack. They were all right, but my brother Seth and I played this Atari Gauntlet Quest game that wasn't half bad. In fact, I think we spent more than a few nickels trying to stay in the game. It was good fun, especially when we beat the dragon! Hoo hoo! It was pretty awesome, but I cramped my arm trying to hit the "attack" button too rapidly.

All in all, good times all around at Nickelcade this afternoon.

Now I must go get some sleep so I'm at least mildly alert for my first day at Paradigm.


Brandon said...

Ah, we truly are siblings. A shared hatred for snow and shared love for Nickelcade? What more proof do you need? Gauntlet is a great game.

Becky said...

Well since Nickelcade didn't come out until I was well into my 20's, I share the same memories, just maybe 15 years older.