Thursday, January 3, 2008



No, my leg is not being eaten off by an alligator. Guess again.

No, my boyfriend did not break up with me. I don't have a boyfriend. And probably never will. But I digress...

No, I am not dying slowly but surely.

That scream is a good one. The kind that you hear people doing on the radio after they've won a gazillion dollars or a trip to see Hannah Montanna. (Hey, my co-worker would do it if she ever won.)

I am screaming because I just auditioned to be Jo March at a community theatre, and I got callbacks! That's a big deal for me because for every 7 auditions I do, I get called back maybe once. Maybe. I sang "Nothing" from "A Chorus Line," and I could tell that they liked me. One of the women was like, "Will you back up and sing the chorus for us again and just belt it out? I can tell that there's more down there, and I'd love to hear it."

And so I did. And I have never ever ever ever sounded so good in my LIFE. I belted for all I was worth and it filled the entire theatre! (granted that it seats perhaps 100 people, but still) The auditors grinned and asked me if I could come back on Saturday morning at 11:30 for an hour and do callbacks.

I said I most certainly could.


To be continued...


Stephanie E. J. Long said...


I heard the news from Amy and read the blog- CONGRATS!!!!!I wish I could be there to see you when you make it, which you will, but alas I am here in MD.
Good luck, you'll do great. Just be chill and be yourself.
And I love that you sand 'Nothing.' I'm in a local production of 'Chorus Line' right now and that is one of my favorite songs.
Let me know how it goes- you'd be a perfect Jo.

- Steph Long

Brandon said...

Congratulations! Well done and all that jazz. I hope you get it.