Sunday, January 27, 2008

Advanced math and such

They don't have pre-calc at my school. Anything beyond Algebra 2, I think, isn't necessary for graduation. Unfortunately, I only learned this after I got into Advanced Math.

The first day I went in and there were only three other people, which I was rather excited about since that would mean extra attention in my math-deficiencies. We went around the room and introduced ourselves.

The other girl's name is Jenny. Last semester Jenny wrote a 10 page paper on marine biology.

Jordan sits in front of me. He wrote a 10 page paper on archeology last semester.

Austin was rather proud to tell me that he was the number one C++ (or is it C plus plus?) student in the class. I was confused. Isn't that a bad thing? However, everyone else was very impressed. I didn't figure out for a couple days that C++ (or whatever) is actually some sort of advanced computer program.

It finally got to be my turn. "Well, I'm Jo. I don't really like math; I just so happen to be good at it. I'm in here to finish my pre-calc credit. I like to act."

Never have I seen a more scandalized class. Scandalized isn't quite the word for it... It was more the reaction of surprise at the fact that someone who dislikes math and is social would come into an advanced math class.

Anyway, I thought it was funny.

As for my Jane Austen class, my teacher is as wonderful as she promised to be on the first day. To get us in touch with our 18th century selves, she's having us do three things.

1) She wants us to cut down our TV/movie time. Right now it's at 1 hour a day, but she hopes to have it down to 1 hour a week (or was it month?) by May.

2) Modern slang has got to go. Ms. Hanson wants us to be articulate young people, so she's having us cut down on three slang words a week. This week it's "crap," "um," and "like" (out of context).

3) Have you ever noticed how Jane Austen's characters take walks a lot? We've been encouraged to take walks to reflect on our character. Right now it's 15 minutes a week, and by May we should be at 1/2 an hour a day.

And don't forget tea parties every Wednesday. Woot!


Brandon said...

Excellent... scandalizing genius kids is almost always a good thing. :)

I expect you to be wearing a stuffy dress when I come down this weekend.

Amy said...

I agree -- scandalizing is definitely good for them. And, yes, it is C++ -- at least, that's what AP style is. I'm a journalism nerd.

Yay for people who write 10-page papers and being in classes with them. Yay for awesome teachers who want you to experience what characters and authors of the period would experience

Mandi said...

Yay for Wednesday tea parties! Can I come?

Becky said...

Fantastic. Next time I see you, I expect to not hear any slang words. Good luck with that.