Sunday, December 16, 2007

What does a redneck man call a dead possum lyin' in the middle of the road?

Probably sushi!

I don't think a lot of things are laugh-loud-enough-that-people-ask-what's-wrong funny. At most, you get a smile or a little chuckle coupled with "Ha. That's funny." Some things like my hilarious friend Korinne or Terysa or me and Amy doing our blonde routine can make me laugh so hard that I drool. Others, like knock-knock jokes or any other kind of written/performed joke, are only kind of funny.

But do you know what never fails to make me laugh like I'm hopped up on morphine?

Redneck jokes.

They can be jokes making fun of rednecks, told by rednecks, or telling about the lives of rednecks. If it's told in a Southern drawl, I laugh hysterically. My (former) literature teacher lived in Georgia for a few years and told me all these funny stories about the people there. She wrote her hyphenated last name on a legal form (she had to keep her maiden name until she finished college) and the lady at the desk asked, "You one o' them liberated wimmin?"

They went to a county fair one time, just to see what it was like, and there was this man with a bull horn on an elevated chair at the entrance who was just calling out the most random stuff. "Hey, fatty, the pig weighin' contest's over thar!" "Hey, blondie! Or should Ah say brunette-y? Wooowee! Ah c'n see them brown roots from all the way up here!" She said that she never could figure out what he was actually supposed to be doing.

And To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout cracks me up every time I read it!

I don't know why they make me laugh so hard. Really, I don't. I've run through several theories in my head, and I'm drawing up blank.

Oh well.

Speaking of redneck jokes....

What do a Redneck divorcee and a Tornado have in common? -- either way, you're gonna lose your trailer...

*cracks up*

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Brandon said...

Oh, Jo, I love you so.

Great post. Sometimes that's what's so great about humor: the inability to explain exactly what it is.

And I'm reporting you to the P.C. police for your obvious insensitivity towards financially- and hygenially-challenged United States citizens that hail from states south of Pennsylvania.